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Welcome to Alba and Her Secrets..♥

Greetings, everyone!! 😀

Let me introduce myself. I am Alba, I am (currently) 23 years old and this is my secret: I am addicted to romance books.

I already had a blog before this one but the domain was not working at all so I decided to change! So.. Welcome to Alba and Her Secrets..♥ Blog, YAAAAAAY!!!

As I said, I am addicted to books, I read daily and I love my smut and my book boyfriends so that is why last year I decided to start my own book/random blog. You also may know me because I’ve been reviewing lots of books in my Goodreads page, which you can find the link in the sidebar or right HERE. Please feel free to add me if you are on Goodreads, it’s like my second home haha Together with my GR link you will also find my other social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr).

So, this blog.. What will you find here? Obviously and mainly, all my book reviews (which are almost 100% about adult/erotic romance), and from time to time maybe you will find some other random stuff related to my other obssessions: TV series and movies.

I am going to start posting my older and newer reviews after this post, so please, feel free to comment and follow and all that good stuff 😉

I really hope you enjoy my reviews and my random stuff! Lots of love <3333


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