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Review: ‘Bleeding Love’ by Harper Sloan

5+ “Feeling Alive” Stars!

This was so SO amazing and beautiful. I am in love with Lee, Megan and Molly! <333
Bleeding Love is the second book in Harper Sloan’s Hope Town series, and this time it follows the love story between Liam “Lee” Beckett (son of Dee and Beck from the Corps Security series) and Megan, a widow who is still suffering and mother of the loveliest girl in the world (Molly).

“Feels like heaven […] Everything, darlin’. Feels like everything.”
“I feel it. […] I feel it, Lee.”

Harper Sloan is one of my favourite authors and again, she didn’t disappoint with this story. Lee is a younger version of Beck and that tells you everything. He fights for Megan and Molly with everything he has and it is beautiful to read who they finally win, together. The three of them make an adorable family and, as always, it is good to read about the other characters from different books.

I cried, I laughed and I enjoyed it till the end. I wanted more and more! Now, I have to wait for the next book, which I have seen it will be about Nate Reid, YAAAAAY!!!

So, as I always say, if you like to read a beautiful, emotional, hot love story, this book is for you! Enjoy!


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