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Review: ‘Cocky Bastard’ by Ward and Keeland

5 “AH-BREE” Stars!

 photo Cocky Bastard_zpsnivvjqtz.png

Ladies, prepare to fall in love with this Aussie smokin’ HOT Cocky Bastard because Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland have written an amazing story! This book is about two strangers (Chance and Aubrey) falling in love and their journey to happily ever after.

I have read Vi Keeland’s books before (and loved all of them) but not Penelope Ward’s and let me tell you: these two together have written a beautiful love story. Cocky Bastard will make you laugh from the beggining till the end, Chance a.k.a C.B or Cocky is the funniest (and hottest!) guy ever! Just on my 4% of the book, I was literally cracking-up with the smart dialogue between the two main characters.

Obviously, the sexual tension between CB and Aubrey is of-the-chards amazing and well.. the sex scenes are smechin’ HOT. Chace… I love your dirty dirty mouth! He is so sexy ladies and so sweet and funny at the same time! <33

“I love you, Aubrey. Can’t you see that? I am head over heels in fucking love with you. I love you more than anything in this entire world. When I look into your eyes, I don’t just see you, I see my children. Hell, I see an entire farm of children and deaf, dumb and blind goats. I see my entire future. Without you, I see nothing. Nothing.”

My rating is 5 STARS, of course! I think this is one of my favourite books this year because it has a little bit of everything that I like: love, angst, sexy times, a good argument and good characters. So, I just want to say, I highly recommend this book!


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