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Review: ‘Dark Wild Night’ by Christina Lauren

4 “Wildly Clueless” Stars!

 photo Dark Wild Night - Christina Lauren_zps9slzcsg3.png

So, after reading something dark I wanted a good light funny read so I decided to go for Christina Lauren’s new book in their Wild Season series. I love their books very much and this one, well, I liked it. Let’s see why.

Dark Wild Night is the story of Oliver Lore (the hottest sweetest nerd who happens to be widly in love with the protagonist) and Lorelei “Lola” Castle (also a nerd, a comic writer and a very dubious person, in terms of her feelings and confidence).

“I don’t have a choice but to want to do this, Lola. I’m in love with you.”

What I loved about this book, first of all, is Oliver. Oliver is an amazing male main character, he is strong, he is a nerdy, he is super sweet, and he is not afraid to show and tell about his feelings for Lola. Also, I loved when our couple are together TOGETHER because let me tell you, there were some hot HOT times. And related to this, I found it to be a quite funny book because the other characters (especially, Harlow and Not-Joe) are so directly funny! LOL

Lola’s eyes meet mine and I know the thought hits us both at the same time. I close my eyes, waiting for the explosion. “Oh sh—”
Suddenly Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me” blares from the front of the store.
(Not-Joe after hearing them having sex in Oliver’s shop).

“I texted them,” Harlow explains with a wave of her hand. “During the fuckfest. After you came—I think—but before Oliver did.”
“You called an emergency meeting because I was having sex with Oliver?”
“I’m just relieved you’re getting pounded.”
I love you, Harlow! LOL

And I was loving this book, until Lola fucked it up. I was in 70% of the novel, when BOOM! Now is the time to push Oliver away! That’s what I did not like. Lola’s unsure personality. To me, in that moment, she looked weak and selfish. I felt so bad for Oliver, I literally cried.

“What do you want, Lola?”
I want to feel a better sense of what shape my life is taking.
I want to draw every single story my brain is churning up right now.
I want to have Oliver, and not lose him.

However, obviously, at the end everything is alright. Still, loved these two and the other couples and I can’t not wait to read the next book of the series, which I have read it’s about London (Lola’s flatmate) and Luke (Mia’s ex). Juicy!!

Therefore, and because of my mixed feelings about Lola, my rating is 4 STARS. Still a good read, especially because of Oliver! He is amazing, really! So, if you are into Christina Lauren’s books and you enjoy a good male character and a good story, I am quite sure you will like/love this. Enjoy! 😀


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