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Review: ‘Declan + Coraline’ by J. J. McAvoy

4.5 “PS-I Love You” Stars!

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So, the other day I was re-reading McAvoy’s Black Rainbow (which I loved) and then I remembered I still had this series to read. I wanted to write a review of the whole series (as I normally do) but after reading this, Declan + Coraline deserves a single review because this was A-MAZING! Also, because I have seen that the other three books are about Liam (Declan’s brother, so exciting!!!) and it is better to have the other three together in the review.

This is the story of two people who (according to Declan) live in the same planet but not in the same world. I totally agree but still, they belong together. This novella is about Declan Callahan (a hottie misterious and very rich man) and Coraline Wilson (the heiress of the Wilson family, obviously a quite powerful family as well).

“Declan, I am not Cinderella.”
“Good, because I’m not Prince Charming. I prefer black.”

J. J. McAvoy is a fantastic writer. I love the style and the building of the story and its characters. I discovered a beautiful love story between two people who are fighting to be together because the others around them consider they musn’t be together (because of the racial difference and obviously because, as the reader sees, the Callahan’s family is not quite as good as we tought). There is some drama as well because the couple is surrounded by stupid, unemotional people who don’t care about the feelings of this fabulous characters. I could not stand Cora’s family, really, I can’t even..

But, Declan and Coraline have amazing chemistry, they are super cute and sexy! OMG Declan is so smokin’ and sweet at the same time! They have beautiful (and even funny) moments together and a lot of sexy times, YAAAAAAS! (His emails melted my heart really, and the references to PS I Love You OMG, how not love him?)

“I rather tell you about me. My name is Declan Callahan, and I enjoy fine wine, finer women, and sex.”
I wanted him so bad.
“If you want to woo a girl, don’t you usually say something romantic?”
“It seemed pretty romantic to me since I have everything I enjoy right here.”
Damn, he was good.
“We aren’t having sex.”
“Baby, we’ve been having sex from the moment I walked into your office,” he whispered.

See what I mean? Yeah, Declan has some “very good” skills ;)

So, my rating for McAvoy’s novella is 4.5 STARS because I really enjoyed this dark but sweet story and I really can’t wait to read about Liam! I will start right now. If you are into erotic romance with suspense in it, I am sure you will love this, totally recommend!



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