Book Reviews

Review: ‘Down and Dirty’ by Christine Bell

4 “Bucket List” Stars!

So, continuing with the Dare Me series, now is the turn of Mary Catherine “Cat” Thomas (Galen’s sister and Lacey’s BFF) and Shane Decker (the hot hero who is in love with her).

Again, I loved this book. I loved how Shane fights for Cat, who is quite afraid of compromise and also how we also see Lacey and Galen together. The chemistry between our two main charaters is smokin’ and as always, the ending is beautiful! <33

“I came back here for you, Cat. Because I’ve always known we’d make a great couple. Since we were teenagers. I was just waiting for you to grow up and realize it, too.”

I am so excited for Cat and Shane to cross things out from his/her/their bucket list ;) (You will understand if you read it!!)

My rating is 4 STARS because Shane stole my heart!


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