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Review: ‘Down for the Count’ by Christine Bell

4 “squirt” Stars!

 photo tumblr_ncrrpiO6_zpsloeoz0yh.gif

Sweet, sexy and humorous, this was an amazing read! I am reading the whole Dare Me series and cannot wait to read more! I think, in this case, I will write very short reviews because there is not too much to explain!

Still, this explains the story between Galen Thomas (the hottie fighter best-friend-brother) and Lacey Garrity (a sweet newly ‘wed’ who has just found out his ‘husband’ cheating on her, on they wedding day!). After finding it out, Galen dares Lacey to go with him to Puerto Rico (in Lacey’s ‘honeymoon’ and obviously, sparks fly between these two! This is the journey of two people taking care of each other, growing together and falling in love. And let me tell you, you will love Galen!! <33

“This is for watching my fights and rooting for me,” he murmured, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead. “And this is for being brave and accepting my dare.” He pressed a second kiss on the tip of her nose. “And this is for dumping that dickhead Marty.” The next kiss landed on the corner of her mouth, and she parted her lips on a sigh. His heart hammered so loudly, he wondered if she heard it. “And this one? This one is because I want you so bad, it’s making me question my sanity.”

My rating is 4 STARS, and I recommend this to people who enjoy quite a light read with a smokin’ hot fighter and how he falls in love with the lovely Lacey!


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