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Review: ‘Down on Her Knees’ by Christine Bell

4.5 “Toy Boat” Stars!

And finishing the Dare Me series, the last book is about Courtney DeLollis (the sweet friend of Laney and Cat) and Rafe Davenport (the hottest cop who happens to be into BDSM 😉 ).

After their first “sexual tension” encounter in the 2.5 book in the series, Courtney and Rafe cannot stand it anymore and Rafe decides to dare Courtney to have four scenes together (and that’s it). Let’s say these scenes start being smokin’ HOT and they finish being sweet. Obviously, our two characters fall in love but it is quite difficult for Rafe to get it (because of his past). But, at the end, of course, we have a beautiful HEA (and an epilogue!!!).

Girls you will fall in lust with Rafe, he is some HOT cop!! And a dirty dirty talker!

A warm summer breeze kicked up as he clamped his fingers tight around her wrists and pinned her to the hood with his hips, hard enough to make her gasp.
“Tell me no,” he murmured against the soft shell of her ear, “and I won’t slide my hands up that little dress and work that pussy until you scream.”

So, my rating is 4.5 STARS because I loved these charaters (all of them) throughout the series and I loved how they all get a beautiful ending!


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