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Review: ‘Games of the Heart’ by Kristen Ashley

5+ “Hey, Angel” Stars!

 photo Games of the Heart - Kristen Ashley_zpsjita18pf.png

After reading the emotional roller coaster Rule by the author C. D. Reiss, I wanted to read something lighter but still amazing. I am always sure I will like something by the fantastic Kristen Ashley and Games of the Heart was no exception.

This book belongs to KA’s The Burg series, which is still an erotic romance but with suspense as well. In this case, this read is about Mike Haines (the hot cop who always had an eye on the little siter of the Holliday family) and Dusty Holliday (a different woman, a grown up woman that has just lost her brother).

“You’re right, I’m here to right wrongs and I’m gonna do it, Angel. You told me I’d had my last chance but I don’t accept that and I won’t. If you tell me now that my explanation is not enough and you want me gone, I’m not goin’. I’m not giving up. I got one part of my life’s dream still open to me, every sign she gives me is screaming that she’s standing in my arms right now and I’m not gonna be ninety years old, looking back on my life and regretting that I gave up that dream.”

I have to say, this series is not one of my favourites by K. Ashley but Games of the Heart is one of her best works for me! This is pure Kristen Ahsley style: this book is full of emotions like love, betrayal, sadness, among others; and it has quite a lot of drama (you need no more than a bitch sister, a weak sister-in-law and an annoying ex). I laughed, I cried, I got angry, I fell in love with the amazing characters that KA is able to write.

However, what I liked most about this book (apart from the sweet and smokin’ love story between Mike and Dusty) it’s the strenght of Mike’s family and Dusty’s family together. It’s beautiful to read how Mike helps with the Holliday’s farm and how Dusty also falls in love with Mike’s kids (Rees and No). Moreover, there is sweetness overload with the story between Rees Haines and Fin Holliday (Dusty’s nephew): they discover first -and only- love together and, at the end, it was so beatiful, SO BEAUTIFUL!

“I love you, Finley.”
Fin blinked at the creek but he felt his body go stone-still.
Then he whispered, “What?”
“I love you,” she repeated.
God. Jesus, fuck. God.
That felt good.
He braced his weight against one elbow, lifted his hand, cupped her jaw and whispered back, “I love you too, babe.”

So, my rating is (obviouly) 5+ STARS because Games of the Heart, for me, Kristen Ahsley has the recipe to write an outstanding book. It is PERFECT.


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