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Review: ‘Hold On’ by Kristen Ashley

5 “Brown-eyed” Stars!

 photo Hold On - Kristen Ashley_zpsxfgwld7i.png

I believe I am going to say what everyone has said about this book but, such a bittersweet experience! Hold On is Kristen Ashley’s last book in The ‘Burg series and, let me tell you, what an amazing way to end it! This was not my first series by this author (it was a love at first “read” with her Colorado Mountain series) but these stories and these characters have grown on me througout this time. I loved every single one because KA gives her readers such fantastic, profund, emotional characters.

So, since the beginning I’ve been waiting for Merry’s story (KA is always giving hints through her books ;) ), and here we have it. Hold On is the story of two people giving a second chance to love: Garret “Merry” Merrick (a sexy man and cop who finds no exit to stop loving his ex-wife) and Cher a.k.a Cherie Rivers (a woman who lives for her son and the secret love she has for Merry).

“Merry?” I called.
He looked back at me and lifted his brows.
“You mean the world to me,” I whispered.
His eyes flashed again, the emotion rolling over his face, and his hand, still at my ankle holding it around him, tightened.
“I’m not gonna let go,” I promised. “I’m not gonna let you push me away. I’m keepin’ you with me.”

Again, as I said many times about KA, one of the things that I love about her writing and her characters is their familiarity. It is beautiful what Merry, Cher, Ethan and the whole family built. Even though both the main characters have a difficult past (full of drama), they surpass it and they are able to keep it together. They have amazing chemistry, as a couple and as a family, and you can see it througout the book.

Now, I am sure a lot of readers have said this but the best part of Hold On is the epilogue. THAT EPILOGUE. That was PERFECT. Ashley is the queen of good epilogues but this one, this is one (or THE one) of her best. This is Kristen Ahsley at her best! Beautiful to read about every single character in this series (some amazing things happen, I wanted more more MORE!!), and at the end, I am sure (if you read it) that you will end up like me: crying like a baby.

 photo 8173271_zpsx4tct88p.gif

“Thank you.”
She was still whispering.
“For what, Cherie?” he whispered back.
“For making me happy.”
His brown-eyed girl.

Therefore, my rating (obviously) is 5 STARS, and let me tell you part of it is because of THAT EPILOGUE. I can’t even. Really. I AM IN LOVE. So sad to say goodbye to this amazing series, to these wonderful characters because if KA wants to she has many other super-interesting characters to write about! So, what more can I say, just give yourself this gift and READ THIS BOOK AND THIS SERIES, totally recommend!! <333


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