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Review: ‘Innocence’ Series by Alessandra Torre

3.75 “Still different but I like it” Stars

 photo 9226393_zpspnlti8qa.gif

So.. this was different. After reading Hollywood Dirt (which I loved), I wasn’t expecting this at all. I was curious about Brad after reading about him (and Julia) in Torre’s book and well I do have mixed feelings about this series.

To start with, I will say this is going to be a review of the whole Innocence series. This revolves around two main characters: Brad de Luca (a hot attorney who lives in a very different world and can be considered as a manwhore) and Julia Campbell (an intern in Brad’s company and a young strong sexual woman).

As I said before, I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I started the series and the first book I didn’t like it very much but the last one I quite liked it (because it is more emotional). Why this? Well, everyone has limits. Don’t judge, please, but I can’t with threesomes and sharing and all that stuff. I don’t get it and I don’t like it.

Still, leaving the sexual life of these characters behind, Torre’s writing is amazing and the relationship between Brad and Julia (emotionally) is very moving.

“What if what we’re looking for is each other?” he asked quietly.

I also liked the mix of romance with suspense and at the end of this last book I was practically in tears.

“You rescued me the moment I met you. My life began on that day.”

Therefore, my final rating is 3.75 (Yes I know..) STARS because I still liked different aspects of the story, but as I mentioned, there were some things that were too much for me. Not a 3.5 but also not a 4 stars for me. I completely respect and accept if you like that kind of sexual relationship and if you are into this, please read this series because Alessandra Torre is an amazing writer!



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