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Review: ‘Legal Affairs’ Series by Sawyer Bennett

4.5 “One Night Only” Stars!

 photo Legal Affairs - Sawyer Bennett_zpsxv194ny6.png

So after reading my first novel by Sawyer Bennett (Friction), I decided I wanted to read the whole series that it belongs to so during these days I have read the whole Legal Affairs series. Sorry this took so long everyone, but I got stuck with the last book!

This review will be about the six volumes of these serial novel (written in the female’s POV) and also the last book (Confessions of a Litigation God), which is written in the male’s POV.

These novels share with the readers the story of McKayla “Mac” Dawson (a woman and a lawyer who has had a bad break-up and decides to have a one night stand with a hot stranger) and Matt Connover a.k.a Litigation God (a powerful but hurt lawyer that thinks his ‘One Night Only’ stands are enough after what he has been through).

“I can’t take this shit anymore. I did nothing to deserve this.”
“You did nothing to deserve this? You fucking denied me.”
“I denied you nothing, Matt. I simply asked for more.”

I enjoyed Mac and Matt’s story and the amazing hot chemistry that this two have. However, I feel Bennett’s writing has improved a lot because I enjoyed more her last novel, Friction. There was a lot of inner dialogue in this, especially in the last novel of the series (the one from Matt’s POV). Still, I really liked it and the ending was really funny and beautiful!

She moans sweetly and once she says, “God, yes.”
God? No.
Matt Fucking Connover? Yes.

Therefore, my ratings are 4.5 STARS for the six volumes and 4 STARS for Matt’s POV novel. I really liked their story and I hope to read more Sawyer Bennett’s books in the future! Recommend if you are into erotica romance, funny moments and a very hot dirty talking lawyer 😉


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