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Review: ‘Long Time Gone’ by Lorelei James

5 “Devouring” Stars!

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After reading Turn and Burn, which belongs to another Lorelei’s series, I remembered that she had written a short story about the other parents in the Rough Riders series, so I decided to read it. And let me tell you, it was fantastic!

Long Time Gone is the story of Calvin McKay (the funny and hot twin brother of Carson) and Kimi West (the fiesty younger sister of Carolyn, Carson’s wife). Also, if you have read this amazing series, you may know them as the parents of the hot McKay twins: Kade and Kane.

“Please tell me you’re not my future brother-in-law?”
“I’m not. But darlin’ girl, I’m damn near certain I’m your future husband.”

What I loved the most about this series is these two last stories about the parents of this amazing family. I mean, I loved Cowboy Take Me Away and now, I loved this novella as well. I actually wanted more!! I loved the relationship that grows between Cal and Kimi and their instantaneous chemistry and funny moments.

“Get in the truck or I’m going to fuck you right here, in the parking lot, Kimi. Where anyone can see just what you do to me.” He nuzzled her ear. “And how goddamn much I missed you.”
“That sounds like a threat, cowboy.”
“No, sweet darlin’ mine. It’s a promise.”

Still, James’ had time to make me laugh and also cry, and I love that. So sad when they are apart!

He rested his forehead to hers. “I don’t think my heart was beating at all until the moment I saw you again.”

And well, I still cannot believe this series is finished. HOWEVER, GREAT NEWS!!: at the end of the book, Lorelei annouced that she is starting a spin-off series (The Rough Riders Legacy) and I am crazy ecxited about it because the first story is about Sierra and Boone (who started their story in the 14th book, Gone Country).

Therefore, my rating is 5 STARS because simply this was a fabulous read! I love everything about it: the couple, the secondary characters, their smokin’ chemistry and the emotions that they produced in me. Totally recommend if you are into western romance!


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