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Review: ‘Markham Hall’ Series by Sierra Simone

4 “Wildcat” Stars!

 photo punishme_zpsrvo8wtth.gif

So yesterday I saw some of my GR friends were reading historical and I got jealous LOL (joke!) No but I decided, since it has been a long time, to read some myself. And did I find it!

The Markham Hall series is written by Sierra Simone (the author that gave us the hottest Priest ever!) and it tells the story of Julian Markham a.k.a Mr Markham (the lonely misterious widower that takes the protagonist by after she loses her family) and Ivy Leavold (the also lonely cousin of Julian’s last wife).

“Lock your door at night, wildcat.”
White teeth flashed. A grin.
“Because of me.”

These books are probably some of the kinkiest historical romance that I have read. Let me tell you, sometimes it was too much! While reading this you will discover some things that I am sure they will not leave you indeferent to the misterious Julian! These two have amazing chemistry and A LOT of sexual tension, especially in the first book. Together they are explosive and they are not afraid (more or less) of having some kinky kinky times.

“You are mine,” he said as he began driving in faster. “You are completely mine. Only mine. Your cunt and your lips and your heart—they belong to me.”

How desperately I wanted to see him. And how desperately I wanted him to go away.

Still, something that I also found in Simone’s standalone Priest is that his heros like to call the females ‘slut’ sometimes. I do not like that at all. To me, Ivy is an ordinary female character (not too weak not too strong) but the fact that she does not care when Julian calls her that it makes her look weaker. That’s just my opinion.

I loved him. I loved him to the point of the damnation of my soul.

Therefore, my final rating for this series is 4 STARS. It’s not one of my favourites but I quite enjoyed it! I am sure if you are into kinky historical romance, you will enjoy this!



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