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Review: ‘Priest’ by Sierra Simone

4 “I have sinned” Stars!

Priest is the controversial story of Tyler Bell a.k.a Father Bell, a quite new priest who is still struggling with the death of someone he really loved, and Poppy Danforth, a heiress who decided to start a new life outside her normal lifestyle.

I can defenitely say that this book is not your typical read and the typical romance/erotic novel. Priest deals with taboo themes and has as main character a religious man who falls in love with a ‘not-so-innocent’ woman.

What I liked about this book is how different it is from everything I have read. The writing is good, even the inner monologue and the story.. Who does not get caught up in this kind of taboo romance? My favourite character is Tyler (obviously) and, I can confirm that he is a HOT HOT priest. The sex scenes are smokin’ and let me tell you, Father Bell is kinky 😉 And it is a beautiful love story!

However, why not 5 stars? There are also some things that I didn’t like. For instance, Poppy sometimes got on my nerves.. I don’t know exactly what it is but some of the decisions that she makes or made, sorry but I don’t agree with them! Moreover, there is also this thing that always pisses me off: I like dirty talk, I LOVE DIRTY TALK but a woman who likes to be called ‘slut’ during sex?
 photo anigif_original-grid-image-12439-1434387350-7_zpswn0kwtom.gifNo way!

Besides that, I really really enjoyed it! So, I would recommend it if you like erotic romance and a different perspective of a love story.



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