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Review: ‘Ride Steady’ by Kristen Ashley

5.5 “Joker” Stars!

As always, K. Ashley does not disappoint. She is my favourite writer for something, right? Ride Steady is a beautiful love story between a strong kickass biker (Carson “Joker” Steele) and his secret love interest since forever (Carissa Teodoro), and let me tell you, KA is the queen just because she can make you cry like a baby just with the prologue.

“Good stuff for you out there, Carson,” she said, […] “Good stuff. A good life. A beautiful life. You’ll get it. I know it. Because you deserve it.”

And he/they do! Ashley accomplishes to give the readers two (three with little Travis) profund characters, who are put in very difficult situations and still reach happiness at the end.

It’s just beautiful to read, really. And, as a plus, we have the CHAOS and other KA series characters in the book. Tack, Tira, Shy, Tabby, Knight, Lee, among many others!

So, if you still haven’t read this fantastic book/series, what are you waiting for? I am sure, if you are into erotic romance, you will LOVE this!


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