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Review: ‘Sins of Sevin’ by Penelope Ward

4.5 “Too Much” Stars!

 photo Sins of Sevin - Penelope Ward_zpsqa0zrf14.png

I had been I little bit hesitant to start Penelope Ward’s new book because I saw the different and mixed reviews about it. However, I am glad I finally decided to read it because, for me, it was a gret read!

Ward’s writing has become one of my favourites (especially after reading her collaboration with Vi Keeland, Cocky Bastard) and Sins of Sevin was no exception. The story is about Sevin Montgomery (a young man who hasn’t experienced love and decides to marry so he can escape from his past after his father’s death) and Evangeline Sutton (a young woman with ambitions and also, the sister of Elle, Sevin’s new fiancé).

“You want to know my truth?”
His eyes were burning into mine. “You’re my truth. Everything else is a lie.”

Well, obviously, as you can see this was not a ‘super-light-and-happy’ read. This is not a book for everyone: Ward’s novel is full of drama, misunderstandings, betrayals, secrets, taboos… but also, love. Sevin and Evangeline get to know each other very well and their love for each other is burning hot. They fight against it (especially her) but, obviously, at the end they fall together in a secret but dramatic and smokin’ relationship.

“I have so much love inside of me that’s all yours, and it’s been trapped inside. I need to give it to you, because holding it in is killing me. I know your heart belongs to me. But I’m selfish. I want all of you. I want your body before you run away from me again. Because I promise you, once we’re connected, you’re gonna know that we were meant for each other. Unless you tell me not to, I’m gonna take you. Right here. Right now, Evangeline.”

I was absolutely loving this by the 50% mark when everything went black. Evangeline makes a decision that changes everything and these two don’t see each other until five years later (in a very sad and difficult situation). The two of them have changed and while Sevin portrays his love as hate, Evangeline is full of guilt. They go through very rough, difficult times and it killed me. It was so sad and also freaking annoying at the same time (there were some moments that I was like: WTF is going on?).

“Why?” he whispered over my skin.
I wasn’t able to give him that answer.

And that’s why my rating is not 5 stars. Because sometimes it was too much to handle and some situations really got on my nerves (Sevin being kind of an A-hole and Evangeline.. well you have to read this to understand it). Still, I love Ward’s writing and at the end, everything went well: I was crying like a baby while reading the last chapter!! (so sad and so beautiful at the same time!). However, I missed having an epilogue to finish all of it in a very good way.

So, my final rating is 4.5 STARS because as I said, I loved this but I still needed I little bit more at the end. If you are into Ward’s writing I am quite sure you will like this, and if you want a different love story, definitely this is one of them, so I recommend this! 😉



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