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Review: ‘Stepbrother Dearest’ by Penelope Ward

4.5 “Get Cereal” Stars!

 photo Stepbrother Dearest_zpsjq1ekpbo.png

After reading Cocky Bastard (by the same Penelope Ward and with Vi Keeland), I just couldn’t stop myself because I loved it so much. I have read several books by Keeland but not one by Ward. So I decided to read her most known one, Stepbrother Dearest.

This is the story between two young characters, Greta Hansen (the lovely and loyal daughter of Sarah) and Elec O’Rourke (her hottie tattooed stepbrother). These two meet in difficult circumstances but they can’t stop what they feel from the first moment they lay their eyes on each other. And when Elec has to go.. it changes everything; then, we find ourselves seven years later and finally, we see how their reunion affets their lives and how their story ends.

“You make me feel things, Greta. You always have. When I’m around you, whether it’s good or bad… I feel everything.”

Of course, these two have amazing chemistry (the sexual tension and the sex scenes are so HAWT!) and especially when we discover everything about Elec (OMG so sad, guys!), they cannot stop their love anymore.

My rating is 4.5 STARS because well.. after reading Cocky Bastard (which I have rated with 5 stars), it is very difficult to surpass! This book is darker but I loved it!! So, if you are into hottie and misterious stepbrothers.. well this is for you!! ;)



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