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Review: ‘The Promise’ by Kristen Ashley

4.5 “Love is never wrong” Stars!

I’ve been waiting to have the last book in this series by Kristen Ashley because I wanted to read the last two books together. So, first I started (obviously) with The Promise. As always, no exception, this was fantastic! KA is my queen!

This is the story of Benny Bianchi (the hot Italian owner of the family’s pizzeria) and Francesca “Frankie” Concetti (the woman who protected Vi Callahan from being shot at, and the last girlfriend of Benny’s dead brother).

“Baby,” he called, and I again focused on his eyes. “That picture.”
I dropped my chin and pressed my forehead to his chest, saying, “Don’t.”
“You were mine, even when you were his.”
He was right. It was whacked. It didn’t even make sense.
But I’d always loved Benny. We were tight. We got along. Of all Vinnie’s family, I was closest with Benny. It made me happy being around him.

Of course, the topic of this book is little bit taboo but not so much LOL I think Benny and Frankie are the cutest together. At the beggining, it is difficult for them (especially for her) to understand their feelings for each other but when they finally get together, it is beautiful! Their chemistry is off-the-charts hot, how could it not be with this hot Italian man? 😉

Another thing that I really like about KA’s books is her secondary characters. I loved Benny’s family, all the other couples in the Burg series and even Sal! Moreover, as you may know, this series have more suspense than any other of KA’s books. So, again, I love how everyone gets together and support the others when things are difficult.

“Never loved another woman. Not in my life,” he said quietly, and my breath went funny. “Waited until I got it right,” he went on. His hand squeezed mine, he moved so the tip of his nose skimmed mine, and he finished, “I got it right.”
“Honey,” I whispered.
“Love you, Frankie,” he whispered back.
“Love you too, Benny.”
I watched his eyes smile, then this time, he kissed me.

So, my rating is 4.5 STARS because this was fabulous, as always Kristen Ashley gives me everything that I want in a book! Still, it is not my 5/6 stars rating (as I had with Games of the Heart) because the fourth book and its characters stole my heart! However, I highly highly recommend this!


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