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Review: ‘Toxic’ by Kim Karr

4.5 “Lost and Found” Stars!


I was looking for a good read, a good stand-alone read and I didn’t fail when I decided to read Toxic by Kim Karr. This the story between Phoebe St. Claire (the now CEO of her father’s business and fiancée of another man) and Jeremy McQueen (her bad-boy sweetheart from a young lovely summer holidays at the Hamptons).

This is a second-chance romance and it is beautiful to read between the past and the present situation of the main characters. Phoebe and Jeremy, both separated after an intense summer romance, meet again after several years and their chemistry is still there. This book is full of emotions: love, revenge, hate, angst, sadness, loneliness.. It is an amazing journey for the readers!

“I knew the weight of her body as it crushed over mine. The feel of her skin. The way she tasted. How much she liked me to lick her orgasm. What she sounded like when she came. I knew what she feared. What she loved.I knew what her favorite color was. I knew what she liked and what she didn’t. And she knew all the same things about me.”

I decided to rate Toxic with 4.5 stars because sometimes the behaviour of the main characters got in my nerves, so much drama! However, Kim Karr knows how to write. This is a beautiful love story full of love, forgiveness and smoking hot sex.

If you are into emotional erotic romances, I am sure you will like this! :)


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