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Review: ‘Turn and Burn’ by Lorelei James

4 “Sugar twang” Stars!

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So a few days ago I decided I was on the mood for a western romance, and who is the best chance for a good erotic western romance? Lorelei James, of course! I loved her Rough Riders series and now, I am enjoying this one as well (but maybe not as much!).

The fifth book in this series is called Turn and Burn and it tells the story of Tanna Barker (a kickass world champion barrel racer who unfortunately has suffered a riding injury) and August Fletcher a.k.a Fletch (a hot on-the-road vet).

“You are trouble,” she murmured, unable to look away from him. Something about this man pulled her in and revved her up.
“No more trouble than you are, spy girl.” He held out a twenty for the bartender without breaking eye contact. “You wanna grab us a booth and we’ll talk about what kinda trouble we can get into together?”

I don’t have a lot to say about this book. I mean, if you have read anything by this author and if you enjoy a smokin’ western romance, this is a good book to choose and read! Always, my favourite thing about her writing is the good relationship between the main couple and also with the secondary characters. It’s good to see glimses on the other couples and their families. Also, it is amazing the chemistry and the sexy times between our two protagonists.

“Look at me.”
She opened her eyes at his soft command.
“Fletch? What’s wrong?”
“Nothin’. Everything is right for once.”

So, short review but my rating for this is 4 STARS because I enjoy a good western romance but I also know better works by Lorelei James. Also, because I am excited to read more about these characters. Recommend if you are into western and hot romance 😉


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