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Review: ‘After the Kiss’ by Lauren Layne

5.5 “The bet & the story” Stars!

 photo After the Kiss - Lauren Layne_zps4hi6fiym.png

After reading Irresistibly Yours, I couldn’t stop myself and I decided on reading Lauren’s Sex, Love & Stiletto series. And I cannot be happier about it! I am thoroughly enjoying it!!

After the Kiss is the first novel in this series and it is about Julie Greene (a very succesful journalist, expert on dating, and now a worried one because she has to write about something more) and Mitchell Forbes (a Wall Street worker who does a ‘different’ bet with a collegue and the subject of Julie’s next story).

But this thing with Mitchell —and she really didn’t have a name for it— felt far too private. And she was afraid she knew why. She was falling for him. She was falling for the subject of her story.

I LOVED THIS BOOK. Loved. It has an amazing storyline (as I said a previous time, I am really enjoying Layne’s writing), its characters are full of emotions (I was literally crying so many times!) and the chemistry between the two main characters is of-the-chards hot! I mean.. THAT FIRST KISS (the fucking sexual tension, OMG). Amazingly done, Lauren Layne!

She wasn’t going to write the story.
Mitchell meant too much to her. And even if it wouldn’t break his heart to have their relationship splayed across Stiletto’s shiny pages, it would break hers. What they had was too precious to share with the world. It was theirs and theirs alone.

Am I the only one that sees a resemblance of this story with a quite famous American rom-com? I think I even enjoyed it more because of that, because I love that movie as well! LOL After the Kiss reminds me of How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days (the film staring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey) because of the story that Julie has to write and also because of the bet that Mitchell does with his friend! But still, looooooooooved it, loved these two together and their sweet and sexy moments!

“Mitchell.” Her whole heart was in the word, saying the words she couldn’t.
“I know,” he said roughly against her neck. “I know.”

Therefore, my final rating is 5.5 STARS because I really enjoyed this story and I cannot wait to read the next one! Still, I haven’t given my special 6 stars rating because I was expecting an epilogue. But, for everything else, to me this was perfect! Highly recommend!! 😀


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