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Review: ‘Arrive’ by Nina Lane

5+ “beauty +2″ Stars!

 photo giphypregnant_zpsnpnolo1o.gif

Ok, I am so freaking happy to have found this new novella about one of my favourite couples: Dean and Olivia West. Arrive belongs to the Spiral of Bliss series and it gives the readers a look to the Wests having their first baby, Nicholas.

I loved every damn word. LOVED IT. Dean is perfect. He is sweet, he is romantic, he is SO FREAKING HOT. I love that he calls Liv his beauty and the amazing relationship that they have. These two together have some very sweet, very funny and very smokin’ moments.

“I think you have a pregnant woman fetish.”
“The only thing I have is an Olivia West fetish.” He smiles, his eyes darkening with both heat and tenderness.

And, at the end, when they have baby Nicholas with them, OMG I was practically crying of happiness!! So freaking cute, seriously!! I loved to read their start as parents and how they beautiful it is to watch them fall more in love after Liv’s birth.

“You, me, and now three, beauty,” he says.
“We’re a trio.” I smile. “Three sides, like a triangle. Isn’t a triangle the strongest shape in the universe?”
“According to mathematicians and scientists, maybe,” Dean says. “Not according to me.”
“So according to Professor West,” I ask, “what’s the strongest shape in the universe?”
“A heart.”

See? I am in love <3333 So, obviously (for me), Arrive deserves my especial rating. 5+ STARS, so very well done and deserved, Nina Lane! I mean, if you have not read this novella or this series, PLEASE DO! You will not regret it, it is so beautiful! I totally recommend!! 🙂


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