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Review: ‘Big Rock’ by Lauren Blakely

4.5 “Happy wife = happy life” Stars!

 photo Big Rock - Lauren Blakely_zpsb1vhbbbp.png

Obviously, I was super excited about this book because.. of course.. THE COVERGASM! I mean, it totally got my attention lol Also, it was not my first book by this author and I knew I would probably enjoy it.

Big Rock is a stand-alone novel written by Lauren Blakely and it is about Spencer Holiday (a super-hot bussiness man, son of the owner of the famous jewelery Katherine’s and NY finest playboy who claims his dick is awesome and that he is a good guy) and Charlotte Rhodes (Spencer’s bussiness partner and his best friend who will become his fiancé for a week).

How much pleasure has my dick wrought? I don’t kiss and tell, but I’ll leave you with this. My dick has a perfect track record.
That’s why it fucking sucks that he has to go on hiatus.

I really enjoyed Big Rock: it is funny, light, with little drama and super sexy! This novel reminds me of Tangled and my dear Drew Evans because Lauren decided to write this in Spencer’s POV. I mean, he is so freaking funny and so sure of himself! lol Apparently, he has a lot of experience with women and he knows how to treat them as a gentleman. Also, he happens to be hung like a horse, which always helps, right ladies?

I’m horny as hell. I feel like I’ve taken Charlotte Viagra, and this hard-on is a cruel and unusual punishment for lusting so badly after my best friend.

However, everything changes when he wants to help his father with his jewelery bussiness and he needs to be seen as a settled man. So.. he asks for help and Charlotte, his best friend, becomes his fiancé for a week. Obviously, throughout this week Spencer starts to realise that he has stronger feelings for Charlotte and falls in love with her. These two together!!!!!! OMG, so hot and so sweet! And idk… I suspected that she felt something stronger since the beginning, which made it even better for me. Seriously, loved this two together!

“What do you want?”
I curl my hand around the back of her head and tug her down to me. Her lips hover inches from mine. I thought I didn’t want sex and sympathy. I was right on that account. I want sex and something else, though.
Sex with her. Sex with feelings. Sex with the only woman I’ve ever felt this way for.
I whisper in her ear, “You.”

I think it’s great to fall in love with your best friend.. I think it has to be that way: first friends and then more. And Spencer and Charlotte know each other very well but they needed an ‘excuse’ to finally be together forever. I loved the secondary characters as well: Spencer’s father, his sister Harper, his friend Nick.. And I hated Emily and Abe’s guts!!! They were so fucking selfish.. Still, our couple gets their HEA at the end so.. they win!! lol

I burn up all over as I watch her. I am comprised of nothing but heat. Her lips. Her mouth. Her eyes. Everything. She is my fucking everything.

Therefore, my rating for Big Rock is 4.5 STARS because I really enjoyed this story and its characters: it was funny and it was sweet and hot at the same time. Always love that! And.. Lauren already has announced that there will be a book with Harper and Nick’s story, which I am super excited about! Still, I did not rate it with 5 stars because I felt the ending was a bit rushed (but I still enjoyed it!). So, if you want a feel good book to read, I totally recommend this one 🙂


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