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Review: ‘Childstar’ Series by J. J. McAvoy

5 “Be Happy” Stars!

 photo Childstar - J. J. McAvoy_zpsplelbmjy.png

As always, J. J. McAvoy does not dissapoint! An amazing and always different from the others love story!

As some of you may know I tend to wait when reading a series because I do not like to wait LOL I was so excited about this serial novel but I waited until I got the three parts. So this review will be about not only this book but the other two parts of Childstar. McAvoy has become one of my favourite authors and, as I said, this was awesome!

Childstar is divided into three parts (or now you can find it as a full novel) and it tells the story of two Hollywood celebrities that started their careers at a very young age. These two are: Noah Sloan (a.k.a Hollywood’s Bad Boy and a man with a difficult family situation) and Amelia London (America’s sweetheart, a woman who is where she is because of her mother -or that is what she says..- and also, and most importantly, Noah’s first lover).

Noah and Amelia worked together when they were younger and they fell in love. After some time, they break up (you’ll see why) and now, years after, the destiny puts them together again. Now they are older and they have to work together in an erotic thriller film (Sinners Like Us) and obviosuly, they discover they never stopped loving each other.

My first kiss? Noah.
My first time? Noah.
My first heartbreak? Noah.

I love this author’s writing. She is amazing in her own style and McAvoy always has surprises and things that you do not expect. The first two parts have cliffhanger endings and let me tell you, it was pretty fucked up! Still, not as the Ruthless People series but still fantastic in its own.

The main couple in Childstar, of course, have amazing chemistry. J. J. gives her readers awesome angst moments, sweet moments, suspensful moments and, obviosuly, smokin’ hot moments. These two are so hot for each other and they like it kinky sometimes 😉 It’s beatiful to read about their past together and also the new present situtions they have. Just saying that I would love to watch Sinners Like Us LOL It has some pretty good scenes, yeeeeeeeees!

“I wish I could see your face. You’re sexy when you’re jealous.”
“I’m always sexy, baby,” he retorted.
“And cocky.”
“Yeah, I’ve got one of those, too.”

“Take the next one. I’m planning on passionately making out with her until we get to the bottom,” I said, pressing the button to close the doors on their baffled faces.
“Do I have a say in this?” Amelia asked.
“No,” I replied, spinning her toward me, my lips covering hers.

What I also enjoyed is that we are able to have some moments of Liam, Mel and Ethan (from the Ruthless People series), always good to read about them! And ‘thanks’ to that, we are able to see darker sides in both Noah and Amelia. They will do anything to be together and they are not afraid to do it: they have to face a lot of obstacles but at the end, they have their happy ending!

“We all make choices, and I made mine a long time ago. You. Beginning. End. It is always you.”

I craved it all.
I craved Noah Sloan to the point of addiction.

Therefore, my rating for the whole series is 5 STARS. It was an amazing journey to get to know a different couple, a couple who live in the Hollywood world and they have to face a lot of bad situations to keep being together. I am sure if you have read anything by J. J. McAvoy you will enjoy this as well, so give it a try, you will not regret it!



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