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Review: ‘Dr. Chase Hudson’ by Jessica Gadziala

5 “Fuck Me” Stars!

 photo Dr. Chase Hudson - Jessica Gadziala_zpsrtnojrfq.png

Almost everyone who read The Sex Surrogate (the first installment of this series and in the female POV) wanted to know more about the misterious and sexy Chase Hudson. Thank God for Jessica and the people who practically demanded this book!! LOL To me, it was totally necessary. Why? Well, at the end of the first book, I found myself knowing a lot less about Chase than I expected. Too many questions popped in my head: Why is he the way he is? Why did he decide to study Psychology? Why especialize on Sex Surrogacy? What was he feeling during his sessions with Ava? When did he discovered that he loved her? You see? LOOOOOOOOOADS of questions!

Of course, Jessica answered these questions in the novel! Dr. Chase Hudson is basically the first book but from Chase’s POV and with a little bit more of new content at the end. Which was what I missed on The Sex Surrogate, so this (to me) was perfect!

I was prepared for her anxiety. I had been ready for her to be sitting ramrod straight, for her hands to be spread out on the cushions beside her, and for her head to snap up in my direction like a scared deer when the door closed.
All of that, I had expected.
What I hadn’t expected was for her to be the prettiest fucking thing to ever set foot in my office.

So, if you haven’t read the first book, let me tell you what all of this is about. This series tells the story of Ava (a woman who is struggling with anxiety and as a consequence she is not able to relax and enjoy sexual relationships) and Dr. Chase Hudson (a sex therapist and sex surrogate who will forever change her life). We saw Ava struggle for her feelings towards the sexologist in The Sex Surrogate. Well now we see Chase struggling with his feelings towards his patient.

I wasn’t sure why I told her. Because she was so exposed to me? Because I wanted to even the playing field? Somehow, I didn’t think that was it. I was pretty sure there was a part of me, a part of me I didn’t quite understand because it didn’t quite make sense, that just… wanted her to know me. Not as her doctor. Not as her surrogate. Just… as a person.

I really enjoyed getting into Chase’s head. We now know about his life outside his workplace and we also discover very important aspects about his past. About his family (especially his mother and one of his foster brothers), about his friends and even lovers. I feel so bad and sad for him sometimes! Thank God for Ava and their lovely love story!! And, of course, always good to have their sexy times! These two are so cute together, I can’t even!

She flung herself at me, sending us both falling backward as I wrapped my arms around her and her head rested on my chest. “It’s mine,” she declared.
“What is?” I asked, squeezing her.
“My safest place in the world,” she said, lifting her head from it. “It’s mine forever.”
My hand went to the side of her face. “It always has been,” I told her.

Therefore, my rating for Dr. Chase Hudson is 5 STARS. I really enjoyed this novel and getting to know Chase better. Also, I really loved having some extra content at the end! Sooooo amazing, and cute, and everything!!! (You’ll see what I mean if you read it haha) So, if you read The Sex Surrogate and want to know more, don’t hesitate to grab this! I am quite sure you will enjoy it! I totally recommend 🙂


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