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Review: ‘Eighteen (18)’ by J. A. Huss

4.5 “Welcome to Eighteen” Stars!

I was so exicted to read this, I mean.. who does not enjoy a taboo teacher/student romance? Eighteen is my first book by J. A. Huss but now I can say it will not be the last one! I really enjoyed this, even though it was pretty cray-cray towards the end!! LOL

This novel is about the change that suposses to the protagonist when she turns eighteen years old. Shannon Drake is a high school senior who has lost her older sister to drugs and is now living in a not-so-safe place with her sister’s ‘boyfriend’ and her adorable niece. She is forced to grow up and make very important decisions in a short time: she is dealing with Jason’s abuse, taking care of her niece and also, now, she has to go to night school in order to graduate. There she meets the hot misterious Mateo Alesci, her 28-year-old teacher and also the man who will change everything for her.

Welcome to eighteen, Shannon. The age when life gets to kick your ass over and over and all you get to do is stand there and take it.

While she is dealing with other issues, Shannon starts a taboo affair with Mateo and also has some kind of feelings towards Danny Alexander, a friend from high school and a man who is not much liked by Mateo. Let’s just say, Danny and Shannon are sweet but Mateo and Shannon are over-the-charts HOT since the beggining. I loved their relationship, even though sometimes Mateo is such a crep! LOL They have amazing chemistry and I really enjoyed that.

“What are you doing?” I ask, really in a panic.
“Fucking you,” he says. And in my head I imagine that he says it mean, or rude, or condescending. But he doesn’t. He says it like it’s already happened.

“I can’t understand the answer to my problem unless I understand the process of working it out. Are you my problem, Mateo? Or my answer?”
“Which do you want me to be?”

However, apart from these two having very hot times (everywhere), there are many other aspects about Eighteen. We see how Shannon grows up, how she deals with Jason hitting her, how she has feelings for Mateo and for Danny, how she is living with a bunch of people who is lying to her.. I always had this feeling while reading this novel that something was going to happen. And it did.. Towards the end, OH MY GOD. I was allucinating. I was definitely not expecting all that.

“It’s time for me to make mine. I don’t want to be saved, Mateo. Regardless of what you think, I’m not looking for someone to tell me what’s best, or keep me in check, or make life less scary. What is life without risk? And what is risk without fear?”

Still, even though the fucked up stuff that happened I really enjoyed this book and, as I said, I will read more novels by this author. It was definitely different, adventurous, hot and with a final twist! And a beautiful, so sweet ending! 🙂

She reaches for the handle and opens the door, letting herself in. I hold my breath as I smile, unable to dare to believe it’s finally time.
But then she speaks and everything is right in the world.
Because she says, “We’re home.”

Therefore, my rating for Eighteen is 4.5 STARS because I loved the writing, the plot and the main characters and their relationship. Still, I felt the ending was sweet but a bit rushed (I wanted to know more about Mateo and Shannon!!). But, if you like a taboo, different and super hot story, give this one a chance. I highly recommend!!


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