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Review: ‘Frisk Me’ by Lauren Layne

4 “Parking Ticket” Stars!

After recieving the ARC for the second book of this series, I obviously had to start with this one! Some of you may remember my ‘Lauren Layne marathon’ when I fell in love with her Stiletto series (I seriously could not stop reading!) and obviosly, this got me excited about the New York’s Finest series as well!

Frisk Me is the first installment in the series and it introduces the Moretti family, which I am sure the other stories will continue to be about the other brothers.. But first, this one is the novel about the youngest of the family, Luca “Luc” Moretti (a smokin’ hot officer that currently is so famous because he saved a girl from dying and now everyone wants a piece of him haha -let’s not lie, myself included ;)-) and Ava Sims (a journalist who wants more and now has a particular assignment: shoot a 3-hour documentary about the new American hero).

“You know…” her voice was considering, her finger tapping idly against her lips. “I’d always heard that the whole man-in-uniform thing was supposed to be a turn-on. Guess it’s an acquired taste.”
Luc’s eyes narrowed just slightly. “See, here I am having a similar revelation. Always thought you TV people were supposed to be likable. Guess that’s subjective too.”

As you can see, these two do not like each other a lot at the beginning LOL There is story there: a few years ago, Luc put a parking ticket on her and they still remember it (the argument and also the sparks between them!). Luc is not excited about this documentary and Ava just wants to do her job. They start seeing each other everyday and, of course, things change. They are very atracted to each other and it’s difficult to forget about it!

“Let the questions commence,” she said, taking a sip of her wine. “And keep it clean, Moretti.”
“All right,” he said, clearing his throat. “Let’s start with the basics. How long are we going to pretend that we don’t want to be in bed right now? Or against the wall? Or on a kitchen counter?”

See what I mean? Their chemistry, as always with Layne’s couples, is off-the-charts!! I loved these two together, seriously. Lauren Layne is amazing at creating complex and fabulous characters. And that’s why, I also fell in love with the Moretti family. I mean, they are so sweet and.. OMG so funny! Luc lives with his older brother Anthony and his grandmother Nonna, and let me tell you, there are many scenes which I found myself laughing out loud, especially with Nonna! She is freaking awesome!! LOL

“Did I mention that Miss Sims and I have a history?” he said, knowing it would be exactly the kind of topic change that she would latch on to.
Nonna’s gray eyebrows lifted. “Did you fornicate?”
Luc choked on his beer.

“Told ya,” he heard Nonna stage-whisper to Anthony.
“I’m appalled to admit it, but I think you’re right.” Anthony’s voice was thoughtful.
“Do I even want to know what you’re talking about?”
“Just that I can’t wait to be an uncle,” Anthony said.
“It doesn’t even matter that she’s not Italian,” Nonna said in a hushed voice. “She has dark hair and dark eyes so we’ll just lie. We can change her last name. I know someone.”

“There is no family dinner, is there?”
“Everyone else was busy.”
“Oh, so if I text Vincent and Mom and Dad and Elena, they’ll all confirm they knew about this?” Luc asked innocently, pulling his cell phone out of his back pocket.
Nonna snatched the phone away. “Take the girl to dinner, Luca. I need her uterus for grandbabies.”

I mean.. I could not stop laughing! That’s why you have quote overload (Sorry! NOT SORRY! LOL). I really enjoy good family chemistry and Lauren Layne does not fail with that. Also, in this story, there is some misterious and dark-ish parts (all related to Luc) that will also make you feel bad for him and want to hug/kiss him so badly!

However, at aproximately 80% of the reading, Ava takes a decision that for me, changes a lot of things. I liked her and her amazing chemistry with Luc but.. Come on, Ava! Seriously?! I don’t want to spoil anything but I do not agree with her decision about her job, even though Luc practically makes her do it (NONONO Baaaaaaaaad Luc). I think that’s why I have a lower rating on this one. I believed that was a little bit too much for me.

Still, I loved Luc and Ava as a couple. Loved the Moretti family: I am so exicted to read more about the other brothers (Anthony, Vincent and Marco) and also their parents and, let’s not forget the amazing Nonna!

Her eyes watered, and he pressed on, his other hand moving up so he was cradling her head in his hands. “I love being a cop, but I love you more. I’d give up being everybody else’s hero, if you’ll just let me be yours. Please, Sims.”

So, my final rating is 4 STARS because I really enjoyed Frisk Me, the introduction of the characters and the love story. I cannot wait for the next novels! Still, I missed having an epilogue and what I said about Ava’s decision. But, if you are a Lauren Layne fan or you want to read about this amazing family, give this one a try!!


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