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Review: ‘Hillbilly Rockstar’ by Lorelei James

4.5 “Not Lonely” Stars!

 photo Hillbilly Rockstar - Lorelei James_zpspvfqfhzr.png

Again, when I am in the mood for some sexy cowboys, I know Lorelei James will not fail! Who does not love her Rough Riders series? And, this one, for instance? LOL

So, Hillbilly Rockstar is the sixth book in the Blacktop Cowboys series and it tells the story of Devin McClain (a very-hot, very-famous country music star) and Liberty Masterson (a kick-ass former soldier, Harper’s sister -the heroine of another book in the series- and now Devin’s bodyguard).

“Seriously, Devin. Let me up.”
He bent closer. “You’ll really put yourself in the line of fire for me.”
Something changed in that instant. The dividing line between her professional responsibilities to him and his personal feelings for her should’ve widened. Instead, Devin felt them erode completely.
“Don’t deny you feel it too. There’s no goin’ back for us, Liberty.”

Devin’s life is in danger and he does not like having Liberty as his bodyguard (or personal assistant). However, this changes since practically the beginning because, obviously, our two main characters find themselves very atracted to each other. VERY ATRACTED. I loved the mix between music, military and of-the-charts chemistry. These two together, OMG so hot. Just let me tell you, Liberty is not afraid to tell what she wants and Devin loves giving it to her 😉

“I can’t come again. God. You made me come three times already.”
He grinned at her. “And isn’t that a helluva nice surprise for me? Because knowing you can come like that?” He planted kisses down her belly. “Sweet”—kiss—“hot”—kiss—“sexy”—kiss—“woman of mine. I’m on a fuckin’ mission to make you come like that every time.”
“Devin. Seriously. I can’t.”
“You know I’m gonna make you eat them words…” He dropped between her thighs. “Right after I eat you.”

See? *blush* Love Devin LOL Obviously, everything gets more complicated when they start feeling stronger sentiments for each other. Liberty is afraid of what she feels and does not know what to do with it. We have some suspense moments and even scary moments so.. I’ll tell this book has a quite good plot and an easy story to follow. Of course, with a happy ending (which I love!!).

“You’re the only woman I want. You’re the only fucking woman I see whether we’re in a room with a thousand people or when we’re alone.”

So, my rating is 4.5 STARS because, as always, Lorelei does not disappoint. She gives us a beautiful love story, with plenty of hot moments, sweet moments with other characters and even suspenseful moments. Still, not my favourite book of hers but I enjoyed it a lot! If you enjoy western romance and Lorelei’s style, I am sure you’ll like this! 🙂


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