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Review: ‘Just One Night’ by Lauren Layne

4.5 “Not Enough” Stars!

 photo Just One Night - Lauren Layne_zpsptwnz8u2.png

Obviously, I am becoming addicted to Lauren Layne’s books. So, continuing my reading of her Stiletto series, now it’s time for the third book. Just One Night is the story of Riley McKenna (the sex journalist in Stiletto magazine and a woman who is not what she appears to be: she knows a lot but she does not practice a lot LOL) and Sam Compton (her long-time ‘i-want-you-but-I-can’t-have-you’ beloved and also he is Riley’s brother best friend).

“I think you’re right. I think I’ll find someone who knows how to use his hands on something other than a copper machine.”
“Go for it,” he muttered. “We’ve both been seeing other people for years.”
She paused for a heartbeat, letting her eyes linger on his mouth. Letting the tension build. “Have we?”

I don’t know exactly why but I feel this book is the one that I enjoyed less. I still loved it but not as the other two. I think this time, the back and forth between these two was a tiny bit annoying. Also, I believe that Sam took too much time to resolve everything and finally accept his feelings for Riley. However, as all Layne’s couples, they have amazing chemistry and I really enjoy the interactions with the other characters.

She was a woman completely crazy about a guy.
It was time to get her happy ending.
It was time to get her man.

What I loved the most was the ending. It was BEAUTIFUL. The letter, I mean, I was crying like a baby together with the Stiletto girls LOL That was soooooooooo sweet.

Can you still love the man who can’t stop loving you?

Therefore, my rating is 4.5 STARS because I enjoyed the story and the characters but I think Sam could have been I little bit more brave with his feelings for Riley. Still, loved the ending and the epilogue! And, of course, I am highly recommending this series!!


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