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Review: ‘Leo’s Chance’ by Mia Sheridan

5 “You’re worth fighting for” Stars!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet Leo and Evie’s love story in Mia Sheridan’s Leo. I loved every word of it so I wanted to read this book as well. I waited a little bit because I was afraid to read the same book again. However, I have to say that Mia Sheridan rocks because she is able to tell the same love story, from a different POV and still make you fall in love again with it.

My Evie, my heart, my savior. My lion tamer.

I will not repeat myself so maybe this will be a shorter review, guys. If you want to know what Leo and Evie’s story is about you can go and check out my review of Leo HERE.

I just wanted to mention that if you enjoyed Mia’s debut novel and want to know more about Leo’s story, this is your chance! In this novel, we know (from him) what happened while he and Evie were apart, how he dealt with it and how he falls in love with her all over again. It’s beautiful, I really really enjoy Sheridan’s writing, her characters and their amazing chemistry.

I love both, I need both – just one or the other doesn’t add up to the complete person that he’s become. My fierce, loyal man and my sweet, tender, protective boy. Both scarred, but both finally able to find the strength to accept that even life’s worst experiences can be valuable gifts.

Actually, in Leo’s Chance we have some extra content at the end which I really loved! We see a little bit more of Leo and Evie’s love story, their future and how happy they are. It was really sweet and you all know I always enjoy having a longer epilogue! 🙂

“This is my favorite place in the world,” I whisper in his ear.
He smiles and brings my arms up and around him. “This is my favorite place in the world,” he says back, smiling.

Therefore, my rating for this novel is 5 STARS because I loved this love story all over again, from his POV and with a little bit more extras! All I can say is, again, if you read Leo and want to enjoy it (differently) give this book a try because I am quite sure you will not regret it! Mia Sheridan is THAT amazing. Totally recommend this!


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