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Review: ‘Love in the Light’ by Laura Kaye

4 “One Life/One Chance/No Regrets” Stars!

Ok so I think many of us GR reviewers agreee that Hearts in Darkness was (and is) one of our favourites short stories. We all wanted more when it finished and I was over the top excited when Laura Kaye announced she was writing a sequel!! And I really really enjoyed it!

Love in the Light is the second (and final) installment in the Hearts in Darkness series and it continues the story of Caden Grayson (a ‘freaking gorgeous’ tattooed and pierced man who is now in a relationship with Makenna but also a man who still feels insecure about deserving her after all that happened in his past) and Makenna James (the red-headed woman that Caden meet –and fell in love– in ‘that elevator’ and a woman so in love that suffers watching her beloved living in the past).

“You’re too damn good for me,” Caden rasped.
“Never,” she whispered around the edge of the kiss. “You’re everything to me.”

This book is full of emotions (which I love!) and it really gets to you seeing Caden (and Makenna) suffer so much. Caden still has nightmares about his family’s accident and because he has not been loved until Makenna appeared in his life, he feels he does not deserve her. Also, I really loved Makenna’s family but OMG Ian got on my nerves when he brought Cam with him: WTF, man? Get a freaking life and let Makenna be happy with someone else! I ended up crying my eyes out, seriously. I felt so bad for Caden, he deserves to be happy with his beloved!

Because deep inside, he was the fourteen-year-old boy who believed he should’ve died so his twelve-year-old brother—the best friend he’d ever had—could live. He was the kid sick with survivors’ guilt who desperately wanted his father to acknowledge him instead of choosing to abandon him. He was a man who’d been taught that life didn’t give you what you wanted, or if it did, it took it away again.

So sad 😦 But, obviously, there is also happy times and sexy times in this novella! I really loved reading about these two falling in love: they have amazing chemistry and they feel so much for each other, it is so beautiful!! And even, we have some surprises along the way, good surprises (just sayin’).

“Then it’s you and me, ‘til the end. In the darkness and in the light.”
The words healed places inside him he didn’t ever think would get better. “You and me, ‘til the end,” he repeated.

Therefore my rating for Love in the Light is 4 STARS because I really enjoyed knowing more about this amazing couple and finally having a their HEA, so well deserved (as you will see). So, if you haven’t read about Caden and Makenna, please do it, I highly recommend it! It is one of my faves novellas!


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