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Review: ‘Love the One You’re With’ by Lauren Layne

5 “HeSaidSheSaid” Stars!

 photo Love the One Youre With - Lauren Layne_zpswo3bdbmw.png

So, continuing my reading of Lauren Layne’s Sex, Love & Stiletto series, now with the second book. Love the One You’re With is about Grace Brighton (a journalist in the female magazine and a woman who has just taken a love hiatus after realising his long-time boyfriend has been cheating on her) and Jake Malone (a journalist in Oxford magazine and the one chosen in this ‘experiment’ to write a joint article with one of the girls in Stiletto, who -obviously- happens to be Grace).

“This wasn’t like other first dates,” he said, breaking the silence.
Her heart sank. “Oh,” she said, ignoring the stab of disappointment. Hating that he had to pity her.
His eyes dropped to her mouth. “It was a hell of a lot better.”

The first book was quite emotional for me, and this one too but in another way (I didn’t cry this time LOL). Still loving the author’s writing and her characters (they are so funny and so sweet). I loved the back and forth with Jake and Grace and how they finally stop worriying about the articles and start being together. They are so cute and again, SO HOT.

“There’s this other guy …” she said, her voice raspy.
“Uh-huh,” she said, growing a little bolder. “And he’s not really a one-woman kind of guy, but the thing is … I can’t stop thinking about him.”
“Have you asked him?”
“Asked him what?” she asked, confused.
“If he wants to be a one-woman kind of guy?”

I do not want to make this a very-long review because I feel like I am saying quite the same about all these books (because I loved them so much LOL), so I will go straight to the point!

Therefore, my final rating for this is 5 STARS because, as I said before, I really enjoyed this story and knowing more about all the characters (and finally, the introduction of Cole Sharpe, YAAAAY). I liked that we had an amazing ending moment and an epilogue this time, as well. So, again, totally recommend reading this!!!


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