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Review: ‘Midnight Mass’ by Sierra Simone

2 “Spiral of Guilt” Stars!

Well.. Don’t judge please. I was defenitely not expecting this. Almost a DNF (which is really REALLY rare and unexpected from me). Let’s see why..

I actually enjoyed half of Midnight Mass. I actually really enjoyed Priest (the novel related to this short story) and again, our protagonists are really kinky-hot together.

Fuck, that had felt good. Sinfully, amazingly good.
And still I wanted more. Her cunt. Her ass. Every tight, wet part of her. I wanted to claim her, over and over again.

She was so beautiful to me that all I had to do was watch her, and life made sense again.

However, everything comes with a ‘but’. I was excting what happened during the first 50% of the book (happy times, sexy times, etc.), but this is a short story and it actually has A LOT of difficult and fucked up situations only in the second half. Too many things happen in such a short time, some really fucked up shit. And it is always related to the same thing.

GUILT. Fucking guilt. It really pissed me off seeing Tyler still struggling with his over leaving his job as a priest, his guilt over EVERYTHING. And then what happens? He starts taking it on Poppy. And then… OH YEAH, then she also feels guilty. Both of them have amazing jobs which unfortunately take a lot of time and when they have moments to be together, what happens? Tyler fucks it up, then Poppy, then him, then everything else.

Because this was my punishment. How could it not be? How could I have ever thought that a wife, a family, would be things I could have after what I’d done? After the calling I’d abandoned?
No. God was punishing me.

I think the second half of the book really ruined this for me. And I feel bad because I really wanted to like this, and I am glad many of my GR friends enjoyed it but I am sorry to say this was not my cup of tea.

Also, the epilogue. Well, I was not expecting that again. Seriously? After the very sad situation that they have gone trough? Role-playing in a church? Father Bell calling his lamb this disrespectful names again? WOW, just WOW.

So yeah, my rating is 2 STARS and only because I enjoyed the first 50% of Midnight Mass. Still, as I said I have seen many of my GR friends enjoying this so if you have read Priest and you want to know more about Tyler and Poppy this is your chance!


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