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Review: ‘Nuts’ by Alice Clayton

5 “Sugar Snap & Farmer Boy” Stars!

 photo Nuts - Alice Clayton_zpspncf5muc.png

I’ve been waiting for Nuts since our dear Alice Clayton announced her new series. I was so excited and I knew I would laugh a lot with this one! Wallbanger is one of my favourite books ever and Clayton did not disappoint with the first book in her Hudson Valley series! So good and, of course, so freaking funny!

This novel tells the story of Roxie Callahan (a chef who is currently working in Los Angeles and suddendly finds herself without a job and decides to go back to her home and help in her mother’s diner) amd Leo Maxwell (the most handsome, green-eyed farmer ever! and a misterious man with a very-private life that reaches to get Roxie’s heart with his sweetness and hotness).

My head tipped back a bit, seeming to float along, my body knowing what to do even if my mind didn’t quite understand exactly what I was feeling. The feeling underneath all the swimmy and silly and tipsy from the farmer, the feeling that something epic and unusual was happening.

Obviously, Alice Clayton is known for her funny characters. And Roxie and Leo together.. OMG could not stop laughing! And, let me tell you, you will be hungry all the freaking time while reading this book. This is food porn right there, Ms Clayton! Nuts is full of comic situations, sweet and hot moments and lots of love, of course!

“You drive me crazy, Sugar Snap,” he groaned.
“Call me that again, and I’m canceling pickle class.” I ran my hands through his hair and kneaded his scalp, getting a satisfied moan in response.
“Sugar Snap? That’s what brought this on?” he asked, and I tilted his head up toward mine.
“That’s it. Class is canceled.”

I love how she calls her Sugar Snap! LOL Leo and Roxie have fabulous chemistry, in and out of bed 😉 They are so freaking sweet (especially Leo) and if you have read any other books by this author, I am quite sure you will enjoy the introduction of her new characters! Also, another thing to like is Alice’s writing, it so easy to follow and her food descriptions.. OH MY GOD. Still, my favourite part of this book, of course, is the couple (and a surprise that I wasn’t expecting!). So cute, seriously!

“I love you—I love you so much! I want you, I want everything. I want small town and home grown. I want this—without the bees preferably, but if the bees come with this life, then I’ll take the fucking bees. I just want to be your Sugar Snap.”

“I’m all in, Farmer Boy.”

Therefore, my rating for Nuts is 5 STARS because I adored this funny couple, their story and the new characters (I am so looking foward to the other books!!). So, if you want to laugh, read a cute love story (with some hot moments) and fall in love with Alice’s writing, this book is for you! I totally recommend 😀


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