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Review: ‘One King’s Way’ by Samantha Young

3.5 “Realist&Romantic” Stars!

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Hey there, guys!! Sorry I have disappeared these last days, it’s because I have had a very bad cold and I wasn’t feeling too well to check my PC! However, I am good now and (obviously) I started reading again!!

I remembered that Samantha Young practically “ended” the Dublin Street series with the last book (which I loved so much) but still there is this new novella, so I went with it! Still not sure if there will be other stuff about this series but because I love it so much I had to give this one a go!

One King’s Way is a novella about Craig Lanaghan (the hot flirty waiter who works in the same club as Joss) and Rain Alexander (a misterious woman that appears every night and has our hero very focused on her!).

“You’re staring,” Rain murmured.
Because you’re absolutely fucking beautiful… and I have a feeling that beauty runs deep.

I enjoyed this short story, enjoyed. Not loved. I had high expectations just because I really love Samantha’s writing but I did not connect as much with this couple as I did with the other books. These two are really hot and sweet together but both got on my nerves during some situations: Craig because of his flirty behaviour and Rain because she has a very peculiar personality.. Still, really enjoyed the secondary characters and their chemistry.

“That was sweet.”
“What was?”
“You telling your mum you loved her like that.”
“I said it because it’s true and it makes her happy to hear it.”
“Oh.” She shivered in exaggeration and pouted her lips comically. “You’re making me want you again.”
He laughed. “Are you mocking me?”
Rain gave a light laugh and shook her head. “In all honesty, no. I think you’re charming, Craig Lanaghan.”

Therefore, that’s why my rating is 3.5 STARS because I enjoyed the story but not loved it. Still love Samantha Young and I hope she gaves us more amazing stories about these characters. Of course, if you want to read a short hot novella, maybe you want to give this one a try!! 😉



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