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Review: ‘Reaper’s Fall’ by Joanna Wylde

4 “Painting Ladybugs” Stars!

 photo Reapers Fall - Joanna Wylde_zpsxuoiqeph.png

Before reading this, I decided to re-read the fourth book again because I felt I didn’t pay enough attention to it. I am so glad I did it because I really enjoyed Picnic’s story and I even changed the rating I put the other time. Now, about let’s talk about this one!

Reaper’s Fall is the story of Levi Brooks a.k.a Painter (one of the Reapers who is currently in jail after all that happened in the last book) and Melanie Tucker (a young woman who has a crush on him and decides to send him letters -that are very much appreciated- while he is in prison).

Here’s my reality.
Yesterday I stabbed someone before he could stab me. Puck and I sold some shit to a bunch of white supremacists and we turned around and sold the same damned thing to some Mexicans. We had pudding with our dinner for dessert.
Then I jacked off three times thinking about you.
Those are the highlights. Like a fairy tale, right?

Again, Joanna Wylde gives her readers an amazing biker story. The sparks between these two already started in Reaper’s Stand and well, let’s just say, when they get together Painter and Mel are explosive! They both want to be together but he (at the beginning) feels that getting together will ruin their friendship.

Obviously, the sexual tension is almost touchable so they cannot stop what they feel and they are so sweet and hot when they start dating/fucking/whatever. I really enjoyed the sexy times, of course, but the painting scene (you’ll know if you read this) has a especial place in me, that was beautiful!

Her eyes burned through mine in the mirror, and that’s when my world shifted.
I’d fallen in love with Melanie Tucker.
Not some little-boy, bullshit needy “love” like I’d felt for Emmy Hayes—this was nothing like that. This was deep, almost painful in its unholy intensity. It was like she’d sent tendrils burrowing deep inside, binding us together so tightly I’d die if I ever tried to pull them out.
I was truly, deeply, and utterly fucked, because I fucking loved this girl… and she wasn’t for me.

Obviously, many difficult situations happen between these two, and it was difficult not to cry! They find each other apart again and it’s so freaking painful. However, it has really big and really unexpected (but very good) consenquences 😉 Something that produces a great change between Painter and Mel, and because of it, their life changes forever, in a good way! It so sweet when they are able to forgive each other and to start being together, as a family.

My girl, covered in me.
I reached down, tracing a finger through it to paint a pattern on her back.
Property of Levi Brooks.
Mine. All mine.

Therefore, my rating for Reaper’s Fall is 4 STARS because I really enjoyed the story, the writing and the characters. Still, I find that I needed an epilogue and maybe the couple spending more time together. Of course, I really liked these two and I cannot wait for the next book, which will be about Gage, YAAAY! I highly recommend this if you want to read a great biker love story 🙂



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