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Review: ‘Sebring’ by Kristen Ashley

4 “You make me believe” Stars!

So yesterday I was still in the hype of finishing to read Sebring because it is the last book of the Unfinished Hero series and I really enjoyed it (as a whole). First I rated this with 5 stars (you all know KA is my queen) because I had this bittersweet feeling of finishing another amazing series (and because I ended enjoying the book). However, after thinking about it I decided to change my rating (not so much but still changing it because I have to be honest) and I want to tell you guys why.

Firstly, Sebring, as I said, is the last installment in this amazing full of smoking-hot-anti-heroes series and let me tell you: I had super high expectations for this (I always have with my fave authors). This is the story of Nick Sebring (brother of the first hero in this series –the fabulous Knight– and a man who after going through a lot of difficult situations emerges into a better human being but now also a man who seeks revenge after watching his beloved die in front of his eyes) and Olivia Shade (a woman who breathes but does not live –not until she meets Nick– and also the tool that our hero is using to take his vendetta against Olivia’s father).

Sometimes you got away with dealing day to day with the devil.
Sometimes you got burned.

Now, let’s get to the part that I did not enjoy as much about Sebring.. Normally I start with the good aspects but because this happened (for me) in the first 40-50% of the book, I feel it’s better to start with this part. What happened was that I wasn’t feeling Nick and Olivia as a couple. What I mean by that is: the book did not get emotional for me until the characters started showing their feelings for each other. The book starts with Nick dealing with Hettie’s murder, preparing himself for his revenge and after that (and until the 40-50%) it is all about Nick and Liv fucking each others brains out. Literally. I mean, Olivia did not say a single word to him until after their third fuck fest. NOT. A. WORD.

She said nothing.
He didn’t laugh but he did smile, moving his hand to her face, cupping the side and dropping close. “Hi,” he whispered.
Her gaze had dropped to his smile but after he said that word, it lifted to his.
He again had the void. He missed the fire. But he got her voice.
“Hi,” she whispered back.

Yeah, that’s Olivia’s first word to Nick. And that is why I did not enjoy the first part of the novel as much: because there was no emotion. No angst. No happiness. No sadness. No love. Just fucking.

However, THANK GOD, that changed. Nick figures out Olivia is a very different woman from what she seemed to be and he starts feeling something for her and she does too for him (even though they deny it). Then, after 50% of Sebring, Nick starts discovering the truth about Olivia’s family (who btw are such assholes!!!), what they did to her and their relationship changes completely.

She was not a ghost who could be seen.
She was a hostage in a lavish cage.
He had to let her be. He had to end it with her and find another way. He had the power to save her from one ugly thing that infected her life. And he was going to save her from that.
He was going to save her from Nick Sebring.

I REALLY loved Sebring when the emotions got involved! I was at the point of wanting to cry! haha And did I cry!! The couple separate for some time but they are falling in love and their feelings cannot be stopped now. I loved that. I loved Nick and Livvie falling in love with each other, and finally showing it. They are so strong together and also so funny and hot!

Reduced to that, safe in Nick, trusting in that moment that was just him, only him, nothing else existing, I eventually gave in and gave him everything.
I gave him the real me.
Safe with Nick, I submitted.

“Nick, sweetheart, I’m hungry.”
“So am I.”
“But, Nicky, I’m really hungry,” she whispered in that voice of hers, words he didn’t give a shit about but he still felt them in his dick. He took hold of the gusset of her panties and twisted them aside. Her eyes went hooded and her legs melted open.
“So am I,” he growled in repeat.

See? 😉 And again, you all know KA is one of my favourites and what she really does best is her endings. And her epilogues. I loved reading again about all the other couples in the series and reading about their happy lives together. Also, the ending for Nick and Liv was kick-ass!! Finally someone ‘took care’ of her crappy family and these two were able to be free together!

I opened my eyes. And there it was, an inch away.
Swimming in an ocean of blue, a new day dawning.

Therefore, and after my super-long review, my final rating for Sebring is 4 STARS. It was still a good novel but let’s just say it’s not Kristen’s best. I really missed the emotional part at the beggining but it all came out good at the end. Finally, as always, I want to tell you guys that if you haven’t read the Unfinished Hero series (or anything by KA) please do, I am quite sure you will not regret it!!! And thank you Kristen for giving your readers such amazing characters and love stories, you rock my queen! I cannot wait for your next book!


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