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ARC Review: ‘Steal Me’ by Lauren Layne

4.5 “Dreams” Stars!

ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I am always excited when I recieve an ARC, especially if it is from one of my new favourite authors. I decided to first read Frisk Me (the first book in the series), you know me I have to read in order LOL, and now it’s time for the second novel in the New York’s Finest.

Steal Me continues with the story of the eldest Moretti brother, Anthony “Anth” a.k.a Captain (he is the new Captain in the NYPD, he is gorgeous and reticent, and he is looking for a burglar called Smiley who happens to be related with the woman who he cannot stop thinking about) and Margaret “Maggie” Walker (the new waitress in the Darby Diner, a woman who dreams of becoming a writer and also a woman who is super atracted to our reserved male protagonist).

Damn it, he thought, watching as she seemed to cuddle into his jacket. Damn it to hell, because Anthony wanted nothing more than to tug her to him.
To drop his mouth to hers and taste her.
Damn this woman.

Obviously, again, Lauren Layne gives her readers amazing characters. Anthony is kind of a workaholic, a man afraid to show his feelings but who cares a lot about the people around him. And Mags is a woman who lived through a difficult marriage, who has transformed into a strong kick-ass person and who wants nothing more thant to have Anth with her. I loved these two together, they have a lot of sexual tension between them (yeeeeeeeah!) and they also give us some sweet and surprising moments.

“You’re hardly an open book, Maggie.”
She glanced up in surprise at that. “Yes I am.”
“Well, you’re a book I don’t know how to read,” he said gruffly.
“Do you want to? Read it? Read me?”
“More than I should.”

Again, what I really enjoyed (again) is the Moretti’s interactions, again especially Nonna’s. She is the best! She is my favourite!! She will have you cracking up, laughing like crazy! Her comments are to-die-for LOL And she is not shy about anything 😉

“Anthony Franco Moretti Junior, did you—”
“For God’s sake, I didn’t show Maggie Walker my wang,” he said.
“Well then why didn’t she show up today?” she demanded.
“Maybe because he didn’t show her his wang,” Luc muttered into the mouth of his beer bottle.

“I’ll bring my sharpshooter.”
“Question.” Anthony lifted a finger. “Do you know what a sharpshooter is?”
“Absolutely. And I’ll bring one.”
“Wrong,” Anth said, making a buzzing noise. “A sharpshooter is a person.”
Nonna scowled. “Well, fine. If you’re going to be particular about it, then I won’t bring a sharpshooter, I’ll be a sharpshooter.”
“Oh my God,” Vincent muttered.

What did I say? Awesome, this woman is awesome! haha I love the whole Moretti family and I cannot wait to read the next novel, which will be about Vincent and his police partner Jill (so exciteeeeeed!).

Also, Steal Me had more suspense than Frisk Me and I enjoyed that. All the case related to Smiley and how Anth and Maggie have to deal with it, I really liked it. Even though sometimes I wanted to punch these two because they are too afraid or proud!! Still, loved their chemistry.

She looked at him through hazy eyes. “Hmm.”
“Everything,” he said quietly.

Sometime in the past few months, her dream had shifted. Grown more complicated.
She still wanted to publish the book. […] But the dream felt…partial. It was a component of her dream life but not the heart of it.
Anthony was at the center of her dream.

Therefore, my rating for this novel is 4.5 STARS. I still enjoyed more Lauren’s Stiletto series but I have to say the Moretti family already have an especial place in my heart, I love them! I really liked that Lauren gave us an epilogue on this one and as I said, I cannot wait to know more about these amazing characters. So, yes, I highly recommend this series and this author!!


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