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ARC Review: ‘Taking It Off’ by Claire Kent

3.5 “Clothes Off” Stars!

ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I first requested this book, obviously, for the cover LOL Then I read the summary and it caught my attention. But, unfortunately, it was not as good as I expected.

Taking It Off is a stand-alone novel written by Claire Kent and it tells the story of Matt Stokes (a smokin’ hot stripper and owner of the club that happens to have some issues with the past and his mother) and Elizabeth Marks (a woman who has had the benefit of having rich parents, has a very good job and meets THE man in a different environment from the one she wanted).

It was one thing to tell himself —and tell Robbie— that he knew exactly what he was doing. And it was another to try to stop himself from feeling like Elizabeth was exactly what he wanted.
What he’d always wanted.
The antithesis of what he’d hated about his life for so long.

I enjoyed the plot and the love story, it was different because it introduces another theme to me: strip clubs. However, there were several aspects that did not connect with me. Matt is a hot hottie but does he need to ask something at the end of every sentence? There is quite a lot of repetition (don’t you?, wouldn’t you?, haven’t you?, bla, bla, bla..) and that’s why the writing, for me, was not the best.

Still, there were some sweet and dirty-talking moments that us readers can enjoy a lot 😉 And the stripping is pretty hot too! haha

“Do you ever,” she began, swallowing hard over the words but unable to stop herself from saying them, “want something so badly that it terrifies you?”
“Oh yeah,” he breathed. “All the time.”

Therefore, my rating for Taking It Off is 3.5 STARS. I enjoyed the plot and the characters but I did not like the writing a lot and that I consider it’s a really important aspect to have in mind. Still, if you want to have a light read with a hot stripper, you can give this one a try!


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