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Review: ‘The Baller’ by Vi Keeland

3.75 “Available or taken?” Stars!

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I was so excited, SO FREAKING EXCITED about this book. I love Vi Keeland and her stories but I am sorry to say this was not what I was expecting.

The Baller is a sports stand-alone novel that tells the story of Brody Easton (a very famous football player, a man who has become a playboy after some stuff that happened in his past and now a cocky man who drops the towel around his waist everytime the heroine tries to interview him) and Delilah Maddox (said sports interviewer, daughter of an athlete legend, a woman who –inside– still suffers and who is now very atracted to said ass hottie player).

“You have a funny way of showing that you like me. Every time I see you, you try to sabotage my interview.”
“Every time I see you, I expose myself to you.” He flashed me his trademark smile. “That’s how we show girls we like them where I’m from.”
“Where are you from, the jungle?”

Let’s first start with the aspects that I actually enjoyed. It’s kind of ironic: the first half of the book was 5-stars-worth for me, seriously. It was what I expected from Vi: compelling characters, great story, off-the-charts chemistry and super funny. I fell in love with this couple: Brody is so hot, so cocky and at the same time, he is sort of sweet and he adapts very quickly (and well) to his relationship with Delilah. And Delilah is a kick-ass sports reporter, who at first denies her pulling towards Brody but at the end she gets caught in his charms. These two together: OH MY GOD. HOT! And sooooo funny!

“If I could do anything I wanted on a day off, I’d do… you.”
“You have a dirty mouth.”
“This dirty mouth wants to do dirty things to you.”

“Available or taken?”
“Taken.” […] “I plan to tell her about our new relationship right after this interview.”

However, the love I felt instantly for The Baller practically died in the second half of the novel. Honestly, I did not expect all that to happen. All of a sudden, we have another character’s POV in the game (a character that really got on my nerves and who, to me, was completely unnecessary) and also the two main characters having difficult moments because of that and also because they do not mention their feelings for each other. Not even in their minds or POV’s. No feelings, no emotions, AT ALL (especially Brody’s).

Brody and Delilah have amazing sex scenes, funny scenes, friendly scenes and even sad scenes but where were their feelings for each other? Where was that pull that they had at the beginning? Well.. Thank you Willlow for ruining this for me. She has too many importance in this book (I mean having chapters in her POV? Seriously?). The past of both protagonists is too much involved in this book.

My fingers brushed over each letter in the dark. E-a-s-t-o-n. I was totally falling for him. There was no way to stop it at this point. I just had to hope that when this fall was over, Brody was there to catch me.

I really needed more emotion involved in this. I loved the first half but I did not like the second half. And I hated that the situation did not change until after the 85% of the novel. The ending was super sweet (finally!!) but still, it felt rushed to me. I wanted more of these two together, as in TOGETHER. Sorry, it’s just that I hate not loving this book (crazy, right?).

With Brody, I couldn’t find the words to describe what I felt about him. I could probably make a list of a million reasons I should have stayed away. Yet I knew in my heart he was the one. My soul had picked him, not my mind.

“I’d give you every fucking chance I own to be with you again.”

So, sadly, my rating for The Baller is 3.75 stars. Not a 3.5 but also not a 4, I just don’t know any other way to rate it. I really loved the first part and the ending, and also the chemistry between our main couple but the other ‘stuff’ that I talked about in the review, really got on my nerves. This definitely is not my favourite book by Vi Keeland but I hope the next one will be as good as the other stories that I have read by her. Of course, you can still enjoy Vi’s writing and the hot chemistry between Brody and Delilah so maybe you should give this one a try!


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