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Review: ‘The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy’ by Meghan March

5 “As real as it gets” Stars!

 photo Dirty Together - Meghan March_zpsmc3togym.png

I am always in the mood to find good serial novels and you all know that I am not able to wait for having the whole series so I don’t have to wait.. So I saw some of my GR friends reading this serial and it has a hot alpha so, of course, I decided to check it out!

As always, I will be reviewing the whole Dirty Billionaire Trilogy and not the three parts separated. I feel it’s better that way (for me). So.. what is this series about? Dirty Billionaire, Dirty Pleasures and Dirty Together tell the story of Creighton Karas (a super hot alpha kind of an ass billionaire who only cares about winning and now he wants to win Holly –in any possible way–) and Holly Wickman a.k.a Holly Wix (a new country singer who is in a difficult situation with her record label, who also has some fucked up stuff from the past and who decides to find a stranger and have a one night stand with him to forget about it).

“Do you want to know what I do to naughty girls?”
She nods.
“Anything I want.”

This is my first read by Meghan March and I really enjoyed her characters. They grow through this short stories and their relationship as well. Crey and Holly get married (you’ll see why if you read it lol) and it’s very difficult for them to accept how everything is changing so quickly. Their relationship, at the beginning, is very focused on their off the charts hot chemistry but as time passes their feelings for each other start increasing. However, let me tell you.. Crey is an ass at first! So full of himself! That’s why I did not enjoy Dirty Billionaire as much as the other two.

I’m going to own this woman—body, heart, and fucking soul.

But, again, I love how that changes in the other two novellas. These two still have amazing sex scenes (and Crey is a dirty talking hottie yummy!) but I really liked to have more feelings involved between Crey and Holly. Many of my friends did not enjoy as much the last part of the series but, in my case, it’s the one that I liked the most! lol Creighton and Holly accept their love for each other and it’s super hot, sweet and YES cheesy: but I LOVED IT! Now I want Creighton Karas for myself only!!!

“If you really believe what you said about this not lasting, then we have a serious problem.”
Her teeth scrape her bottom lip, and she hesitates before asking, “Why?”
“Because there’s no way in hell I’m letting you go.”
“I don’t get you,” she whispers.
I lower my forehead to hers and breathe her in. “That’s where you’re wrong. You’ve already got me.”

“Woman, I’m going to fuck you so hard we break this goddamn table.” […] I’m going to fuck the sass right out of my sassy little wife. Well, maybe only most of it. I happen to like her sass. I reach up and grab the front of her lacy thong and rip it off.
“Unless you’re moaning or saying ‘more’ or ‘harder’ or ‘yes’ or ‘like that’ or ‘Creighton, you’re a fucking pussy-eating god,’ I don’t want to hear it, Holly.”

See what I mean? I am quite sure ladies will enjoy Creighton Karas being an alpha and seeing him falling in love with his kick-ass wife. I loved Holly. She grows so much as a character and it’s always good to have a good heroine as well as a good and complex hero! Obviously, they get their HEA at the end (even though there are some shitty obstacles to get to it) and it’s super sweet and sexy, of course!

“Best decision I ever made, Holly. Best decision I ever fucking made was making sure that missed connection went viral.”

I thought I’d be lost on Fifth Avenue, but I was only lost until I found you.

Therefore, and to end the review of this amazing serial novel, I will tell my rating for the whole Dirty Billionaire Trilogy is 4.5 stars and 5 stars for Dirty Together because I loved hot and cheesy Crey haha This will not be my last book by Meghan March, that’s for sure! So, if you are in the mood for a smokin’ hot dirty talker and a kick-ass country star, this definitely is a good choice. I highly recommend!



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