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Review: ‘The Sex Surrogate’ by Jessica Gadziala

4.5 “In the Moment” Stars!

 photo The Sex Surrogate - Jessica Gadziala_zpsfsf3g6ia.png

I decided to read this book because the theme was different from any other that I have read. And it did not dissapoint, this was fantastic! Defenitely different but still good.

The Sex Surrogate is a novel written by Jessica Gadziala and it tells the story of Ava (a woman who is struggling with anxiety and as a consequence she is not able to relax and enjoy sexual relationships) and Dr. Chase Hudson (a sex therapist and sex surrogate who will forever change the protagonist’s life).

“So, why are you here?”
“I’m… frigid.”
“Are you?” he asked, leaning forward and resting elbows on his knees, way too close. Taking up all my space. “Being frigid implies an absence of interest in sex and a lack of sexual fantasies.”
“Oh,” I breathed the word out.

There is defenitely sparks from the first moment between these two. But let’s start with something else: the term ‘sex surrogate’. I actually had to search for it and well it is obviously a ‘different’ kind of doctor LOL Sex surrogates talk with and touch the patient. That caught my attention a lot!

However, it is obvious that Chase is not behaving as a normal doctor would. At least, it was quite obvious to me (not to Ava hahah). These two are hot for each other and the doctor does some things (like go to Ava’s apartment or have dinner with her) that make you think he is interested in Ava as a woman and not only as a patient.

“This is my spot,” I declared, tapping his chest with my hand.
His other arm went around me, his lips kissing the top of my head. “Yeah, baby, it is,” he agreed.
“Safest place in the world,” I murmured, drifting slowly off to sleep.

I thought Ava and Chase were so sweet and, even tough it was a little bit weird to read this, I really enjoyed the story! Also, the secondary characters (Shay and Jake) are so freaking funny! So there is a little bit of everything, which you know I like.

“The moment,” I cut in, surprising myself.
“I’m sorry?” Chase asked, his hands stilling.
“Someone once told me to be in the moment,” I explained. “I think that was pretty good advice,” I said, resting my head back against my safe place.

Therefore, my rating for Jessica’s novel is 4.5 STARS because I very much liked the story but I found it a little bit odd and the end was a little bit fast (I really wanted an epilogue!). Still, I think many people can enjoy The Sex Surrrogate so I recommend you give it a try, guys! 🙂


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