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Review: ‘The Trouble with Love’ by Lauren Layne

5 “One Forever Love” Stars!

 photo The Trouble with Love - Lauren Layne_zpsfmxz5xqi.png

I cannot believe I already finished this series. I think I’ve read one book per day LOL I’ve been waiting for Emma and Cassidy’s story since I read about them in Irresistibly Yours and now I have finished **so sad** I reaaly really LOVED this series and I am sure I will continue reading Lauren’s books because I love her writing and her amazing and funny characters!

So, let’s talk about this book. The Trouble with Love is the last book in the Stiletto series and -finally- it gives us the story between Emma Sinclair (the new journalist in the magazine who is also know to be a bit of an ice queen because of her past with Cassidy) and Alex Cassidy (the editor in chief in Oxford and also the man -and former fiancée- who silently suffers from losing the love of his life).

“Sometimes I think I’d prefer you hate me. At least then you’d notice me.”
Everything inside Emma seemed to freeze. I notice you—too much. Do you notice me?

“I hope you find whatever you’re looking for. Or ditch whatever haunts you.”
It was good advice.
But what if what she was looking for and what was haunting her were the exact same thing?

I think this novel (together with the first one) is my favourite. The author has been teasing us about these two since the beginning and I am glad she didn’t disappoint because this was an emotional journey! Emma and Alex seem to hate each other at the start, but as you continue reading you can clearly see that what they are is hurt. They have a past together, they have been seven years apart and now everything is coming back. I literally cried so much for these two!

“You hurt me!” Emma exploded. “You hurt me, Cassidy!”
“You hurt me, too, Emma!” he shot back, his statement every bit as vehement as hers, made even more fierce by the look of torment on his face. “You think it’s easy, seeing the woman who once tore me in two on a daily basis? You think it’s easy sitting across from you at the conference room table, or riding the same elevator or sharing a damn cheeseburger with you? Somehow you’re managing to pull me closer even as we’re further apart than ever, and I’m fucking tired of it, Emma.”

You find yourself very attached to the main and secondary characters because this is the last book and also because you want them to be together and happy. But they have to heal before all of that. And it’s difficult but yet, not impossible. I loved knowing what actually happened (so sad, guys!) and how they finally can’t stop from loving each other so much. They are so cute, and sweet, and funny, and sexy together!!!

Her throat was dry. “Yeah?”
“I’m trying really hard to remember that I’m technically your boss.”
“But…” she prompted.
He stared at her. “But I really want to bend you over this desk, pull up your skirt, and fuck you.”

See what I mean? 😉 Still, I was hoping for an amazing closing and an epilogue.. I am a little bit sad about it, because I wanted more! Still, so happy that I get to have little moments with them in the other series that Lauren has started (the Oxford series). I love the story, and I REALLY LOVED the characters. They are so sweet and so funny. I love you, Lauren Layne for giving us these amazing people!

Therefore, my rating for this is 5 STARS because I cannot give anything less to this amazing novel. It does not have my especial 6 stars rating because of the epilogue, I really wanted one! But still, fantastic everything! So, one last time, if you haven’t read the Stiletto series I HIGHLY recommend you do it because I am quite sure you will not regret it!!! You will love this as much as I do! <33333


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