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Review: ‘Thief’ by Alexa Riley

4 “Little fox” Stars!


As I said in my previous review (on Riley’s Mechanic) I was in the mood for some smut and Alexa is defenitely a good option for that!

Now is the time for Thief, the third installment in the Breeding series and it is about Sean Sparrow (a misterious hot man who happens to be a thief preparing his last hit) and Tessa Martin (a shy curvy woman who works in ‘the’ bank and puts Sean’s plans upside down when he falls in love with her).

My Tessa. […] There’s no fighting this pull she seems to have on me. How could someone own me and not even know I exist?

I quite enjoyed Thief and even though I loved more Mechanic, this was goooooood! haha It has more suspense in it because we’re dealing with a thief and a bank robbery. We see how Sean is always between his job and his feelings for Tessa but, obviously, his feelings are much much stronger.

She fell right into my path, and there’s no turning around now. The goal is still the same, there are just a few added parts to it now. And the end goal is bigger and better than I could have ever dreamed of. No, I didn’t think perfection and sweet innocence like her even existed.

Of course, the best part of this is the smut! LOL The sex and sexual-tension-filled scenes are smokin’ hot and these two have amazing chemistry! Again, Sean Sparrow is good at the dirty taling ladies, VERY good.

“Oh, I came eating your sweet cunt.” He leans in a little more, his mouth just a breath from mine. “My woman is so fucking sexy and tastes so fucking good, I came just from eating her pussy.”

“You love me, little fox?” I never get tired of hearing her say how much I mean to her, and I don’t suspect I will.
“I love you, Sean.”
I sit up and kiss her neck, needing my mouth on her. “Stealing you was the best decision I ever made.”

So yeah, this is it. I don’t have anything else to say! My rating for Thief is 4 STARS because I really enjoyed the journey of this lovely couple, but still not 5 stars because Mechanic really stole my heart! Still, if you want to read about a smutty super hot and misterious man falling in love (and breeding his lady, of course! haha), this one is for you!!



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