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Review: ‘Tight’ by Alessandra Torre

5+ “Strength&Hope” Stars!

 photo Tight - Alessandra Torre_zpslfmcmbmm.png

The cover of this book says: “This is not a story about servitude. This is a story about strength.” And it is so true. This is not the typical love story. As many of you know, Alessandra Torre is fabulous at that. I was hooked from the first page to the last one: let’s see why..

Tight is a stand-alone novel about Brett Jacobs (a very-rich, very-hot, very-misterious “boat salesman” who waltzs in the heroine’s life and changes everything) and Riley Johnson (a woman adapted to village life and who does not expect what will happen after meeting this gourgous man).

“Fuck,” he swore. “God, I need you underneath me.”
“So take me.”
“You don’t mean that. You’d regret it in the morning. And I don’t do one-night stands.”
“Meaning,” he growled, “that if I have you, you will not return to life as you know it. You will not flirt with men around the water cooler at work. You will bend for me, spread for me, allow me to have every inch of your surface, all while screaming my name and shuddering into my heart. That is what I mean.”

Let’s just start saying, this was not what I expected, AT ALL. I am saying that in a positive way. At first, it looked like an insta-lust-love story but, of course, it was not. I don’t what to spoil any major thing but between this wonderful love story there are many darker layers.

“Do you have hope, Kitten?”
“No.” Yes.
“Is there someone that you envision rescuing you?”
“No.” Brett.

Torre’s writing is amazing. Just that: amazing. I could not stop reading. I freaked out when I had to go and I only had 5% of the book to finish because it was so freaking good. I was just like: “NONONONO let me finish!!! This can’t be happening.. I want to know!!” LOL My family was like: “WTF is wrong with you, girl?” hahah

However, going back to this book, even tough I got lost sometimes (because of the back and forth), I really really enjoyed this. It was defenitely an emotinal roller coaster for me because I loved the relationship between Brett and Riley (so HOT, so sweet, so everything!!) and I also got so attached to Kitten (you will see, it is heartbreaking and so freaking unexpected). I am sure you all got that from my status updates LOL

I feel like I’ve waited my whole life for you.

I just loved Tight. I cannot say it enough times. I loved it. As I said before, it gets better and better. And I am surprised because this is not the typical book that I enjoy so much. I enjoy darker books (when I am in the mood) but I think now this one is (definitely) one of my favourites. And the ending, OMG, so good. So sad. So beautiful.

The word ‘tight’ has twenty-two definitions, but my favorite is Webster’s fifth – “a bond which cannot be broken.”

Therefore, and obviously, my rating for this has to be my especial 6 STARS. Torre’s novel has a little bit (or a lot) of everything, it’s daker of course, but still fantastic. Seriously, you have to give this one a try, guys! I hope many of you will enjoy it 🙂 Highly, HIGHLY recommended!



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