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Review: ‘Aced’ by K. Bromberg

5 “Framing memories” Stars!

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I was so excited to read Aced because the Driven series is one of my favourites of all time. I fell in love with Colton and Rylee’s love story and how these two grow so much and stay strong throughout all the situations in their path. Of course, K. Bromberg did not disappoint!

Aced is the fourth novel in this series and it is obviously related to the previous ones (Driven, Fueled, Crashed and Raced) so I recommend you to read the whole thing before this novel. PLEASE, do not read this review if you haven’t read the other books, it will contain some SPOILERS. You’ve been warned! So, Aced continues with the story of Colton Donavan (the sexy racer with a fucked-up past who finally finds his salvation in the woman that fell from that closet) and Rylee Thomas -now Donavan- (a woman who has been through a difficult accident, who has so much love for the lost boys in The House and who is afraid to fall in love again but she cannot stop herself when she meets Colton).

Fucking Rylee.
My breath.
My life.
My kryptonite.

The novel starts almost six years after Colton and Ry’s wedding and Bromberg with this book gives us what happened between the ending of Crashed and its second epilogue. I loved knowing more about this couple! I loved that Colton and Ry continue having this amazing overwhelming connection that needs no words expressed. They are so sweet and so hot as a married couple! They cannot get enough of each other and they are so happy after some very big, very good news!!

She’s my Midas. Everything she’s ever touched in my life has been made better, fucking golden, including me as a man.
I turn back around. Ready to do this.
Wheels on the track.
Hands on the wheel.
It’s time to add our first memory to the frame.

I really enjoyed Aced, especially the first half and the end. However, everything comes with a prize right? Well.. obviously Colton and Ry’s journey through this book is not all hearts and flowers. They experience some very difficult situations (because they are a famous couple, because of their pasts and also because they are becoming parents for the first time).

“Something’s wrong with me, Colton. I’m broken.”
“No. Never. You’re not broken, just a little bent,” he says with a soft smile, trying to replicate that moment so very long ago.

I could handle all the ‘bad’ events that happened in Aced but one. It was quite hard for me to deal with Rylee’s post-partum situation. I could see Colton struggling and worrying and Ry is so deep in her mind that it was quite overpowering for me. I just wanted them to be completely happy! Of course, I cried, not a lot but I did! So sad! (Thank God for Colton and their families!)

It’s when the sky is the darkest that you can tell which stars are the brightest. There’s only one star I see: Colton’s light shines the brightest to me. Maybe because he’s the one saving me.

Now, and related to all this, what was my favourite thing about this book? COLTON! Colton Donavan, I love you to pieces! He was my favourite character in the series and he continues to be. It’s so sweet to see how much he has changed and how he behaves now that he is a father. He is amazing, and super sugary and also off-the-charts hot!

What is more, after all the not-expected aspects of this novel, K. Bromberg gave us such a beautiful and thoughtful ending! I love her writing, I love her characters and I love the feelings, OMG the feelings! I was so freaking happy at the end! Again, let me tell you ladies, Colton is the best, seriously! If you haven’t meet him, what are you waiting for? 😉

She’s so much more than just my wife. She’s my goddamn everything.

Therefore, my rating for Aced is 5 STARS because, as I said, I will not complain to have more Colton Donavan! lol K. Bromberg you are amazing, and thank you for giving us more of these two and their family, it was beautiful! Just one thing.. I did not rate this one with my special 6 star rating because I struggled a little bit with Rylee but for everything else, this was perfect! If you haven’t read this series or if you have and you want more, I totally recommend to read Aced 🙂


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