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Review: ‘Adore’ by Nina Lane

4 “Our great adventure” Stars!

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When Nina Lane announced we would have more of Dean and Liv let’s just say I was all over it lol I think many of us were! Why? Because the love story between these two captured my heart since the beginning. And this novel is just another great chapter in the West’s lives.

First of all, let me tell you all something. If you want to know and understand everything about this novel I think it’s better if you have read the three previous books (of course) but also Archer and Kelsey’s book (Break the Sky) because there are SOME spoilers, also these two are very important characters in this installment and you’ll get better the references related to them. Moreover Break the Sky is a great read on itself!! Now, going back to the review: Adore is the fourth book in the Spiral of Bliss series by the amazing Nina Lane and it continues with the story of Dean and Olivia West, now parents of Nicholas and people who are very busy in their professional lives as well.

“You’ve always rocked my world hard, professor, and you know it.”

Well.. this was some roller coaster! Nina Lane is an amazing writer, I love her style and how she writes about feelings (especially in the scenes between couples). And Adore is full of feelings and emotions. Dean and Liv are not in their best moment, they still love each other madly but after having their kid and having so many (so freaking many!) work responsabilities, it’s difficult for them to catch up with their lives (especially in the sex department). Dean is not happy about that and Liv too and that provokes various discussions between them.

My beauty. It feels like a weight is pressing on my chest. I can’t figure out why I’m so knotted up, but then it hits me.
My wife gave me the chance to make her completely mine again. Just for a few days. And I have to say no.

This book is full of ups and downs and still you fall in love even more with Nina’s characters. They are that amazing! They are so in love, they love their son so much, and it is so beautiful (and hot!) when they are together. Dean wants their sex life back and let me tell you.. he is all about that. When he decides that is it, that is it ladies! I mean, I want your ‘lessons about control’ and your pie fantasies Mr West 😉

“I’ve done a lot of waiting for you, Mrs. West. And I’m getting tired of being left out in the cold. It’s about time you learned a lesson about not finishing what you start.” […] “In the meantime, you don’t think about sex. You don’t fantasize about pirates or gladiators or anything else. And you sure as hell don’t touch your pretty pussy. Got it?”

Totally got it! However, while loving Dean and his hotness and sweetness, I have to tell that for me there were too much ups and downs in this. What I mean is: Dean and Liv were having a great moment and seconds after that something gets in their way. Almost every time and I did not enjoy that as much. I think it’s very difficult to surpass perfection which is what Nina Lane did in the previous novel Awaken. Still, I loved these two (and little Nicholas) to pieces because they are one of my favourite couples.

I’d known since the instant his fingers brushed the sleeve of my ratty gray sweatshirt the day we met. Once Professor Dean West takes hold of you, he doesn’t let go.

Our marriage is everything.

And even though sometimes everything was really difficult for them and it seemed that it was impossible to find a solution to their problems, what I always loved the most about Dean and Olivia is that their love is stronger than everything else. These two are something else (together with Archer and Kelsey, who also have fantastic scenes in this book!). I just really love these characters so much.

“Hey, beauty.” His voice is a warm, gentle current sliding right around my heart.
“Hi, professor.” I reach out to put my hand on his chest. “You came back.”
“I will always come back to you.”

“I’ve spent all this time looking for something I already have.” […] “Perfection.”
“You had it all along?”
“Of course.” I rub my cheek against his shoulder. “It’s you. You’re my perfection.”

Therefore, my rating for Adore is 4 STARS because I really enjoyed having more of Dean and Olivia West, one of my favourite book couples ever! Still with all the drama, their love gives them all they need. And their adventure seems it will continue because Nina Lane has already announced there will be a fifth book called Always, YAAAAY! So, please if you haven’t meet these amazing characters read this series because you will not regret it! Dean is so swoony, sweet and panty-melting and together with Liv, they are an explosive couple. I higly recommend these books 🙂


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