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Review: ‘Defenseless’ by Corinne Michaels

5 “Just Us” Stars!

 photo Defenseless - Corinne Michaels_zps4sjl4smu.png

It’s an amazing feeling to read an amazing book after not liking the last one you read. I am so happy to say that Corinne Michaels continues to amaze me with her novels, I really love them!

Defenseless can be read as a stand-alone novel but it is closely related to Corinne’s Belonging Duet and Consolation Duet so I recommend you read the other four novels before reading this one! I am quite sure you will fall in love with the couples: Jack/Catherine and Liam/Natalie 🙂 Now, this novel is about Mark Dixon (Jack’s best friend, former Navy SEAL and the funny and sexy man that is capable of everything to keep his beloved) and Charlie Erickson (a CIA agent that has helped Jack’s team, a woman who seeks revenge after the death of her father and also one that makes the situations difficult for Mark because she is afraid of caring about someone).

This is what I wanted, what we both need, but suddenly I wish it wasn’t. I wish I could pull him close, kiss him, fuck him, and just feel.
But wishes are for little girls.

Mark and Charlie meet while saving someone in a mission and they instantly feel a connection. Time passes and now they work together as a team again now against a man that is guilty of the death of Charlie’s father and also he is related to all the ‘difficult’ events that have happened in the other novels by Michaels.

Obviously, these two happen to be together all the time and the sparks are still there and stronger that ever. Mark is all in since the beginning (he expresses that very strongly! haha), he wants Charlie and he will have her. However, Charlie is afraid of the feelings she is having for him because she does not want to lose anybody else after losing her father on a CIA mission.

“I’m warning you, Charlie. For some reason, I like you. There’s something that keeps me coming back, even when I tell myself to stay away.”
“I’m telling you, something’s going to give. It’s been a goddamn year and you infest my mind.”
“There won’t be a way for you to avoid me forever.”
“You and I will happen.”

Still, the h/H are not able to keep the distance and they start having super smokin’ hot sex and this leads to, finally, falling in love. Mark and Charlie have an amazing chemistry: they are direct, funny, sweet and obviously, off the charts hot. I really enjoyed them as a couple and also their interactions with all the other characters.

“You can keep fighting as much as you want, but so will I. And I fight to the end.”
“Why me?” I ask as he pushes deeper than before.
“Because no one else sees through your lies. No one has ever tried. You’re worth everything hiding behind those blue eyes.”

“Just send Erik in,” he instructs.
“God forbid you use the damn phone and call him. I swear you only do this to me.” Natalie turns on her heel and stomps off.
“I love you. Let’s make more sparkly babies!” he yells after her and then turns to me. “I don’t really, beautiful. Don’t get jealous.”

Mark is so freaking funny lol I loved him to pieces, he is my favourite character in Defenseless! Again, Corinne does not disappoint with the story and the characters: they are complex but still have amazing relationships between them. I really cannot wait for the next story in this ‘series’ which I have seen will be about Quinn (Liam’s best friend) and Ashton (Catherine’s best friend). So exciting!!!!

“All night, beautiful. I’m going to take every second to show you.” I shiver as his lips touch the sensitive spot where my neck meets my shoulder. “Every inch of you will be touched,” he promises. “Every part of you will be mine.”

Therefore, my rating for Defenseless is 5 STARS because I really loved the plot, the suspense, the characters and the love story! Mark and Charlie are amazing together and again I love the good chemistry with the other characters too. I just can’t say enough times how funny Mark is, seriously! Corinne Michaels.. I am definitely ready for more! So, if you want to read a good story, with amazing characters and a couple that has super hot chemistry? I highly recommend this one!



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