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Review: ‘PS… You’re Mine’ by Alexa Riley

5 “PS…” Stars!

 photo PS Youre Mine - Alexa Riley_zpsum8tugyv.png

I saw most of my GR friends raving about this novella and I did not doubt to jump right in because Alexa Riley has become one of my favourites in terms of reading sweet and super hot short stories. Now I can express that, again, she did not dissapoint!

PS… You’re Mine is a short novella, perfect for Valentine’s Day, that tells the story of two lonely souls: Katie Lovely (a twenty-four year old virgin and a teacher who starts a seminar where her students have to write letters to the Marines) and Sergeant Major Mark Gunner (an almost-forty but super sexy Marine, who is ready to stop his missions and go back home, especially after writing and reciving said letters to Katie).

You? I don’t think your letter sounded like a dating site application. I actually thought it was the best thing I’ve ever received. It would make me really happy to get another one from you, Katie.

Actually, this was not what you would expect from Alexa Riley. I mean, she is known for her fantabulous smut but I can say this novella, as a whole, is not only about that. PS… You’re Mine is an extremely sweet and cheesy story. And I am not complaining because I loved every freaking word! While reading this I had a smile on my face, the entire time. The letters between these two are so cute and through them you can see that Katie and Mark will have amazing chemistry!

Every letter, she asks me about the PS and why I leave it blank. I’m going to tell her, and I’m going to say all the words I’ve been holding back, saving them for when I can say them against her lips.

And OH MY GOD, the chemistry. Their first actual meeting was off-the-charts hot, that kiss, THAT KISS!!!! I want some of that, please! I love some wall action 😉 And even though we don’t have a lot of sexy times, the ones that we have, as always, are smokin’. Alexa Riley is the queen of short smutty stories, seriously. My only complain is that PS… You’re Mine finished at the 45% of the book (there is a bonus story, Snow and Mistletoe) and I really wanted more of Mark and Katie together!

All I see—all I’ve ever seen when I’ve looked at my Katie—is my home. She’s been the one since she sent me the first letter, and she’s been mine ever since. So now when I put the postscript at the bottom of our letters, I tell her what I always wanted to say.
PS You’re mine.

So, my rating for this novella is 5 STARS because it was just so freaking sweet that I cannot rate this with anything less! If you want to read a cute, short but still hot story? PS… You’re Mine is a great choice, I highly recommend it!



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